I'm just so confused

I'm really sorry to post again but I'm not even sure my self what I am on about or if I'm going to make any sense as I'm new to all this i had a smear in January a couple of weeks later I got a letter saying abnormal cells followed by a letter wanting me to go in to hospital on the 26th for a colposcopy i immediately panicked and rang my doctors for the receptionist to say calm down let me have a look is all she said was I have hpv and a lesion i asked what that meant as I've never had anything like this before and she said wait till the 26th to find out more can I just ask I've seen loads of post saying cn1 or cn2 or high grade ect do I find that out at the colposcopy or would my doctor no all this as I said no one would tell me anything only i have abnormal cells and a lesion I'm sorry to ask I'm just so scared and don't no what to do Thank you for reading and for your time your all amazing x

Hi there,

Try not to panic (I know it s easier said than done)... I'm not sure but from what i ve been reading and from my personal experience, if you have abnornal results and you re Hpv positive you ll get invited for a colposcopy where the dr basically has a closer look at your cervix and depending on what he sees he will take a biopsy. The biopsy then will tell whether you have CIN or not or there is something else..  but don t worry, the whole thing is painless. 


Your letter (smear results) should tell you which CIN you have- they don't mention CIN just Low grade, High grade/moderate or High-grade/severe. Which one does yours say?

Thank you so much for both replying that's just it she never said is all she would tell me was i have a lesion with abnormal cells and hpv that's why I'm panicking so much when I did ask she just said wait till the 26th and they will tell you more I'm going out of my mind with worry as most of the post say about what cin they have but she basically wouldn't say I no I can't ask anyone for there diagnosis but could i have your views about it Thank you again for replying xx

Sorry my letter as well just says abnormal cells and wants me to go for a colposcopy  it was the doctors when I rang said it was a lesion and hpv xx

Oh ok...not sure why your letter doesn't mention which grade of abnormality! It's probably different for HPV diagnosis? I have no idea on HPV hun so can't really tell you but please try not to worry. I know it's agonising to have to wait, if you are really feeling anxious and your doctor is not helping you can call the helpline on this website and chat to someone or call cancer research on 0808 800 4040. I called cancer research when I had my smear letter and was like you going out of my mind. I spoke to a lovely nurse, it was all anonymous and although she was careful not to give me any diagnosis or false hopes she did explained everything in my letter and just listening to her lovely soothing voice put my mind at rest so maybe try giving them a call? xx