Confused and worried after biopsy results

Hi everyone, I am new here and hoping for some help. My regular smear test (am 40 so had many) came back with abnormalities and high risk HPV in June. I had my colposcopy a couple of weeks ago, the Consultant was lovely and explained that my smear results were “slightly confusing” one slide had CIN1 and another CIN3. On the colposcopy exam he said it all looked healthy and nothing to worry about- but with the “ambiguity” over the initial smear results he would do a punch biopsy to get a definitive result. I got my letter yesterday - it said it tested positive for abnormal cells and I required further treatment. An appointment with colposcopy is to follow. I am assuming it has confirmed CIN3 and with the high risk HPV it is removal. I am trying really hard not to worry but the language of positive biopsy has rattled me. I’ll be honest as the Consultant was happy at the clinic I really wasn’t expecting any bad news so I got a bad shock on opening the letter and I think that is what has me worried.

Sorry for rattling on, but if anyone has a similar situation to me can you please tell me if I should be concerned?? I was all prepared to have treatment at my first colposcopy appointment but now I am just worried it’s something worse. I am hoping I am just being irrational?

Thanks so much xo


i kind of had the same thing, I had a mild smear result, but then when I had my colposcopy my punch biopsy shown all three CIN 1 2 and 3. So they called it ungradable as it had more than 1 CIN grade. They treat me with a lletz treatment, 6 months after that I had s smear, that was normal so I was put back to 3 year smears. I think I'm due one in March now as it is 2.5 years ago. Reason I wanted to comment is just to say good luck but really try not to worry until they tell you any different. The docs are fantastic and you are in the system now and they will look after you xxxxxxx

Hi Gem Gem

Thank you so much for replying :)  I have been trying really hard not to worry and it is reassuring to hear someone else has been through something similiar.  I think because the first appointment went so well I really was not expecting anything else to come back so the shock scared me!  Have promised myself (and poor hubby) to stay away from google and just wait until the next appointment where I can ask all the questions I need to from the Doctor.

Thanks again for commenting, I really appreciated it xoxo