I had my smear in dec 2013 got the results 30th dec, cin1 + high risk hvp! Waited for an app to av a colposcopy had that on 31st jan & biopsy! The dr didn't tell me anything & was only really concerned about the hvp! She did not tell me why she ad taken the biopsy or her findings all she said was I'll write to u with the results! I am so scared it's unreal! Why couldn't she tell me anything ? Why did I have to av a biopsy if I only have cin1? As I have read this could clear itself up? If anybody could advise me ! Would also like to say am 28 1st smear but I had molar preg 12 years ago thank you !

hya lady. i had the same but the ones that did mine where very helpful and told me what and why they did things. they take the biopsy to be sure it is CIN1. they are extra cautious when you have hpv. this can clear itself but the nurse said anyone that has ever had cervical cancer has had hpv first. so just being safe.   when she did my colposcopy she thought it was prob just CIN1 but after biopsy turned out CIN3. im having lazer treatment tomorrow. im not saying that to scare you, just that they cant tell exactly what the CIN is if they dont test a proper specimen of the abnormal area. (CIN is how deep the abnormal cells go). sorry for rambling i hope this helps you understand better. its very hard when they dont explain, makes you wonder what they are there for doesnt it. :)   

Thank you for ur reply, it's a worrying time for any woman but then when the dr won't tell u anything makes it so much harder ! How long did it take for ur biopsy results to get back to u? I like to know everything because I like to av control of my own body & be papared for anything that is going to happen ! Av read so many stories that ladies as ad cin1 from smear then biopsy said different & they have gone on to have a hstormecty !

aww no worried lady, it is a very worrying time. i waited 2weeks i think but at the clinic where i had mine they gave me an appointment when i was finished. the appointment was for a phone call with the results so i knew what date and roughly what time they would call. but i assume its not the same at all clinics. i have had my LLETZ treatment today and the same again an appointment for results call in 3weeks. try not to worry too much becasue you are doing all you can to make your body right again. thats how i have had to look at it to stay sane.


the doctor even said to me today my changes only look mild on camera which is what they said last time but biopsy shows server. but hopefully they have removed it all today. just glad i listened to myself in the first place an got tested. i wasnt yet due for smear till march. i booked my own in september time as i didnt feel right. good luck hope you get answers soon.

Thank you for everything! How was ur treatment ? Did u find it was uncomfortable & did u take painkillers b4 u went? Fingers crossed the dr got it all for u! Yes my hosiptal is different to urs she just said I'll write to u in 4 weeks witch I think is a very long time did u find it a bit easier to know a rif guess of when they was calling u? Once again I would like to thank you for ur words 

aww any time hun we all need to stick together on here. i have found great comfort from this site. its hard to talk to people like partner or parents that have never been through it coz they dont really understand it just try and reasure saying it will be ok.. which they obviously dont know haha.


i did take painkillers before i went just in case. but it wasnt too uncomfortable to be honest. its same as colposcopy just takes slightly longer. but they give local anistetic (like at dentist) i can honestly say i didnt feel him do the Lletz and that was also the quickest bit. they use a sticky pad on your leg hooked to a machine to earth you and for some reason it wouldnt work on me at first. so would have been even quicker if that worked straight away.


they also offer you a pain killer - they do insert it in edge of your bum, an thats prob most uncomfy bit but i would recomend it as it lasts for 18hours so should ease pain after. and yes it did make it a lot easier for me to have a rough time when they would call beacuse i wasnt thinking when? and i also have to think to myself well i dont want to hear before that time because the only time you would hear early is if it was bad news haha. keep positive hun lets me know how it goes x