Answers please.

Hi everyone. I’ve posted a few time since having my first smear with severe dyskaryosis, I’ve had my colposcopy and here’s my question I’ve spoken to and know of a few people with abnormal result who have been seen to in the same hospital as me, I’m concerned as all of these people had lletz or other treatment there and then but I did not the nurse said it’s definitely cin 3 and a lot of it yet took a few punch biopsys and arranged me to go back in 3 weeks I’m extremely worried as I have experienced irregular bleeding ano discharge for over year now (didn’t get this seen too as I just got coil in then) any answers or advice would be very appreciated!! I felt strong like I could wait but i am finding it really hard and feeling extremely anxious about it being cc xxx

hiya it all worrying stuff when i had my biopsie done i had to wait 4 wks for my oppitment they said it was cin1 but resulys came back as cin 2 and got to have loop letz which is the moot common treatmemt from what i have read up got to have a anestectic vut hiwever urs is different i would rung them up as they cant just book u in for 3 wks is this for treatment or have they not said as i waited on results before they booked me in try not to worry so much but its hard as im also worrying about my treatment but try think positive at least you are following this all up and doing something about it you can only make it better by dojng all that is asked i alsi had heavy bleeding ever since my last child which is jsut iver a yr and thats why i had my smear just before xmas but ive only just turnt 25 so was all a shock for me as never would of thought all this but you dont hear about all this until your going through it all :) but ur not the the only one its nice to know this the worry never goes away because fron the minute i had my smear i worried waiting on results and so on with all my other results and now im worrying for the treatment so you not the only one worrying think its just our human nature but i cant wait to put this all behind me and not have to worry but i think it gunna be some time until i can :( hope everything goes ok with u and u get everything sorted :) x

Thanks a lot for your post I know it's just all worry and wait through this awful time.  I really hope all turns out well for you too xxxx