cin2 feeling extremely let down by colospsy clinic

hi im 25 years old mum of two boys , i had my regular smear done after my second baby which came back abnormal had to wait and go back siz months later which also came back abnormal i was then sent for further treatment at colospsy clinic where they took three biopsy wait 4 weeks for these results which turned out to be cin2 which requires further treatment when i phoned and asked what treatment was etc i didnt get any information and was told by nurse that she was very sorry to be vague but not too worry only reason im worried is after my biopsies i was in alot of pain and fainted when i left and i really want to know what to expect on next visit really in just rather confused as to why these things arent explained in great detail to the individual goin through it hope someone can shed some light x

Hi I'm sorry you had a bad experience I'm still waiting for my colposcopy after having smear results bk high gr dyk,I hope u get a good result bk and your in the right place there is lots of women on here that can help with their  own experience ! Take care xx

Hi I think they can be a bit vague sometimes which is worrying when you don't know what's going on ! They shall probably bring you back in for a leep or letz procedure which can either be done under anaesthetic or with local- I had local but for women who find things like that painful they will do general if necessary. All they do is remove a piece of cervix which is containing the cells and a biopsy which then will tell them and confirm CIN and remove it hopefully there and then. It's taken me 4 weeks to be near enough recovered and you can't swim or use tampons etc but I did go back to work the next day, although with hindsight I would've had the following day off ! X 


I had a colposcopy just over 5 weeks ago as my smear had shown borderline abnormal cells and HPV and one biopsy was taken, on 12th July had a phonecall to say that I have to have an ultrasound done but even my own gp hadn't been told about this so I'm now worrying as I was told not to worry but it is very difficult not to worry. I'm having the ultrasound done tomorrow (17th July). I have worried and cried in the last few days.

hi, i had an abnormal smear too and went for a colposcopy last friday 12/7/13 they couldnt do a biopsy cos im having bc surgery tomorrow and so was told not to let them do it. i was recalled with borderline cells and high risk hpv. anyway that has now changed to cin 2 with womb cells present in my cervix and an inflammation on the cervix. of cors i was upset im only just holding things together following my bc diagnosis and all i remember really is him saying oh think we'll do an ultrasound to check the lining of the womb. i suffer with pocs but am not scared ive got womb cancer too. its very hard not to google, ive been signed off work and the days seem so long. has anyone else been through this?

good luck lizziesoton with your ultrasound ill think of you when im having mine done. x