No bleeding until 14 days post lletz

I had hpv and high grade cell changes come up on my smear in dec. Had colposcopy in January and lletz treatment to remove CIN2 cells on 23rd Feb under GA. Doctor said she had hoped to get it all but the affected area was much larger than she had anticipated so I may need another lletz. Currently waiting for results of that treatment.

Since then I had no bleeding, just clear/slightly pink liquid until today (over two weeks) where I now have red bleeding quite a lot more than the liquid until now. I have also been experiencing mild stomach pains and lower back ache since the treatment which seems to be getting worse rather than better.

I have been on the Cerazette contraception pill for many years, and have no periods (ever) due to this pill. Not anything to worry about, it’s normal and just affects some women that way. But what I’m getting at is I have no periods or pain until after the lletz, is this normal? I know it’s only been two weeks so perhaps I have to just give myself time but just worrying myself to death (my favourite habit :roll_eyes:).

Is it ok to not bleed at all then start two weeks post treatment?

Thanks so much for taking time to read my post.

Hello about the bleeding I had none at all but around day 14 I was late for something and was fast walking and I had a bleeding that lasted a couple of days, is early days for you I believe is normal. If you don’t have a temperature or sign of infection is OK.
But if the bleeding is very strong then is not normal and please contact GP. But from what you were explaining in your post it seems quite normal to me take care and I wish you a fast recovery.

Thank you, that’s reassuring. I’ll take it easy and be patient. Thank you :blush:

Hey theres a great facebook support group called healing from lletz.

My experience has been very similar to yours, had clear/watery discharge for the first week and started to have bleeding on day 9. Discharge also looks more yellow and had a slight smell. Because of the abdominal pain, I contacted my gp today and he said it sounds like an infection and prescribed antibiotics. Hope you recover quickly and please call your dr if you have any concerns.

Hi Lucyb. I’m now 4 and half weeks since my lletz treatment and still getting sharp pains in lower abdomen. I had no bleeding until 11 days after treatment, it was like a normal period. Then 3 weeks after treatment I had very heavy bleeding and clotting that lasted around an hour and had no bleeding since. I had brown/black discharge for the first few weeks, it could be quite gritty like coffee grounds and smelled quite strange. Not bad, just strange chemically kind of smell. Ive seen my GP a few times over the last few weeks just to check there’s no infection (I’m high risk for infection because of vit d deficiency) and he assured me that everything I’ve been experiencing is normal, and will likely last for a few more weeks yet as I had quite a large area removed. Hope this helps. X

Thank you everyone for your replies, really helpful and reassuring. Seems everything I’m experiencing is normal but will keep an eye out for infection signs. Thank you all again xx

I had no bleeding until day 10, my understanding is that its about this time that the scab starts to come away and causes it. Common, normal and expected unless its heavy or you have other signs of an infection.