Is this normal after Lletz

Hi hope someone can help. From the start after i had abnormal smears i had a colposcopy and pinch biopsy done, results came back as cin2 and i had Lletz treatment on oct 12th. I also had to have my coil removed to have the treatment. A week later i went to my gp as i was having pain and a smelly yellow watery discharge which turned out to be an infection and i had antibiotics for 7 days wich i finished on sunday. Since then i think im having my period( unsure as never had a period whilst i had my coil so dont know when i should be due on) i thought it was calming down but last night i had a small gush, then most of today been ok but now im having bad pain in my back and pain comes and goes in my lower abdomen and i just had a small gush of bright red blood ( sorry if tmi) is this normal 2 and a half weeks after Lletz? Or is something else going on? I hope this goes as i was getting used to feeling more normal, im so fed up of wearing pads :-( any advice apreatiated xx


i had my lletz 3 weeks ago. 2 weeks after I had a massive bleed I mean like puddle on the floor totally freaked me out. I was on anti biotics at the time so doctor didn't think it could be an infection and was just a very heavy period. I was also still on the pill so wasn't due on Yet. My doctor basically said the treatment plus stress and anti biotics all mess up your periods and it can take 3 months for everything to get back into sync. If you are worried see your gp but it sounds like it's just your period :) try not to worry, easier said done I know! When I started bleeding (pn a weekend) I phoned 111 I was so scared! But it calmed down and stopped in a day xx

Also I'm the same as you with not having had a period for a while because I was on the mini pill. So it's probably also from your coil being removed x

Thankyou for replying it has helped ease the worry a bit. It just scared me changing out of the blue and how quick the pain came. I will keep an eye on it and speak to my gp if it gets worse. Ive had something everyday since the treatment so its been hard to know whats due to treatment and whats due to coil being removed am just so fed up of it all. Hope your feeling better xx

I've had the cool removed in the past and that messed up all my periods as we'll. I hope you feel better soon. I feel like I'm Back to normal now after 3 weeks but I had felt really quite poorly it really takes it out of you xx

I did feel normal until last nite. Im in my gp now as i spoke to them and they want to see me. I feel very run down and having hot flushes on top of it now :( will see what they say now i hope it calms down soon as its my daughters birthday monday. Glad your feeling more normal it really does take it out of us xx