20 days post lletz

Hiya just wondering if any one can help?

So I had my lletz on the 1st April so 20 days ago, I had no bleeding just ALOT of discharge for the first week and a half (was treated for infection). I had my daughter 5 months ago and had horrendous bleeding for 2-3 months and then got on the mini pill. I dont have a cycle at all but I'm now bleeding, I know it's normal but I want to know if it's a period or if it because of lletz, I have read that if your going to bleed it will be within the first 14 days? Sorry if I've rambled I'm just terrified of blood to start with and then I hemorrhaged after my daughter and just terrified of it happening again. Thanks in advance x


First smear - 10 February 2021.

Results - 18 March 2021- high grade dyskaryosis HPV positive.

Colposcopy - 1 April 2021 - lletz treatment for CIN3 CIN1.

Awaiting results. 


  It is different for every woman I think. I had lletz on 22nd March and i bled for 28 days , until i was put on antibiotics.  Its calming down now. I think If you are worried  to speak to colposcopy or insist your gp takes it seriously as they can be dismissive.  Sorry you are going through this. Not a fun time for any lady. Trust that you know your body and if something feels wrong then make your gp see you. 

Hiya I had lletz and had very little of anything until 10 days in when I had some light bleeding then a really heavy period following that. Every story is so different xx