LLETZ Treatment

Hi Everyone I've just got a quick question about my 6 month colposcopy check with the consultant. I had my letter through last week which confirms my appointment is on 1st June. I've had 2 colposcopy's previously but no treatment as each time the biopsies have shown inflammation/hormone related changes only. I have my summer holiday booked for 11th July, and I know it sounds really silly, but I'm worried about bleeding if I have to have LLETZ treatment this time. I know I don't know anything until I go to the appointment on 1st June, but I just wondered how long bleeding lasted after the treatment? If LLETZ is done on the day of my appointment I think it will work out ok as I've got about 40 days until my holiday. If the consultant decides to take biopsies again, I guess they'll take a couple of weeks to come back, and if I need treatment it will be arranged then. I don't fancy bleeding whilst on holiday! Depending on the result, I'm not sure whether I'd be able to put the LLETZ off until I get back after my 10 day holiday. I know it sounds a very minor worry, but I just thought about it when I woke up this morning and wondered what other people's experiences were? Thanks for any replies in advance ladies. All the best xx

Hi Sarah,

I've had Lletz twice and both times I had a little spotting the next day, so little I hardly noticed. I also had no pains or cramps etc. I hope that helps. Good luck with your treatment. Kate

Hi everyone, I am new to this and have been reading alot of your thoughts and worries. I have just had the loop done April13 and am waiting the results. Back in nov 12 I had a smear that came back “normal” and basically gotntold I’m worrying over nothing…I persisted to get checked again as I was experiencing cc symtoms, I had a colposcopy done jan13 which showed ab cells( quite obvious on the screen) took a biopsy and I awaited the results-cin2 march 13, I was quite shocked as had been reassured I was clear! I’m so glad I inisted that something weren’t right with me.I also had a scan done which showed a cyst on my ovary,I had lap op in feb 13 to remove & drain cyst on my ovary&thought maybe my symptoms were related to this originally.I am so worried what my results will be from loop,as they seem to have mislead my worry(cyst) when actually my body has been telling my the right info. Has anyone else had the same experience as me?and can you please give me your thoughts as I’m so confused,worried and feel alone with it all. Xxxx