Bleeding 10 days after Lletz

Hi everyone

I had Lletz 12 days ago and for the first 10 days experienced no bleeding at all, just a bit of discharge.  Since the weekend I have started to bleed - it is still not heavy but seems to be increasing each day.  The blood is quite fresh red in colour and does not smell.  It is no heavier than a period from what I can remember (haven't had one for ages due to the Pill!).

IIs this normal and why does it happen so long after the treatment?  Anyone with the same experience?




Hi ya, obviously from my previous post u know I only had lletz today but like u said, my nurses were particularly lovely and understanding of my asking a million and one questions!! That's why I asked re your experiences 12 days post lletz as quite often that is the time the scab starts to come away so bleeding is common between 10-14 days xx

Hey there, i started bleeding 8 days after lletz and it continued to be quite heavy for a couple of weeks and turned out to be an infection. It is perfectly normal to have a bit of bleeding around the time your mentioning but just keep an eye on it and if it lasts more than a few days just get the gp to take a look and they might give you antibiotics which will sort it out :). All the best xxx

Thanks ladies - it is only light at the moment

Take care


Hi Ladies,


I had my treatment done on 14th July and had no bleeding but just a watery discharge that felt at times I had wet myself. From day 9 this changed to slight spotting/bleeding but as the days have went on its getting heavier. Still not what I would class as a period (then again I can't remember what a period is like as I've not had one for at least 10 years as I am on the depo injection)


I just wanted to know how long roughly a few days would be classed as? I have no pain or smell its just a pain in the arse as I'm worried of leakage and the likes (sorry for detail) and its a nightmare trying to get an appointment at the doctor so don't want to waste time if the norm is 4/5 days round about this time!


Marcella x

Hi Marcelle

I'm afraid I don't really know - I had a bit of bleeding around day 10/11 as I said but it only lasted for about 3 days, and has stopped again now although still seem to have a slight watery discharge and coming up to 3 weeks since treatment.

I was told at the clinic to only worry if I had really really heavy bleeding or a nasty smell so you are probably OK but if it carries on much longer I would get it checked - why don't you make a GP appointment and then hopefully in the 4-5 days it will have stopped and you can cancel it :-)

Good luck and good luck with your results (I am still waiting)