New Partner

I have recently met a new partner and I am really excited about our prospects. However, I have had abnormal smear tests before and have HPV and I really don’t know how to tell him/explain at such an early stage of dating. I am afraid that he will run scared. Is there any info out there on how to explain to partners about HPV etc? I do not want to put him at risk either. Thanks everyone.

I don't think there is anything to tell? Most people have HPV at some point in their lives...he probably has it already himself! 

Yep I agree with Kelly  ,HPV is a funny one...whilst it is officially an STD, at least 80% of people who have ever been sexually active will either have it or have had it.  It's not tested for and not treated with antibiotics..

Men,although in theory could get penile cancer due to HPV, it really is only us women who bear the brunt of it.

Enjoy your new relationship hun, and if things become more serious I'm sure you will fill him in with all your bits and pieces.x