New Love Interest After Colposcopy...

Hi, everyone. This is my first time posting on here. I decided to make an account, because I keep googling about HPV and telling new partners about it, and I keep on reading the same, limited articles. So here I am.

Back in January, I had a pap smear, and found out I had abnormal cell changes due to high risk HPV. I went back for a colposcopy, the doctor did a biopsy, and thank goodness, there was no sign of dysplasia (just cervicitis, that he said is probably caused by the HPV and will go away with the infection).

Fast forward to now. I am seeing a great guy, it's been about two months. I know that is a short amount of time, but I have dated a lot of bad eggs and I really feel as though this could be someone special. I want to have the conversation about my HPV before we start getting physical, but I am terrified of bringing it up. I don't want to scare him off, especially due to something that I potentially do not even have anymore. 

I called my doctor to see if he had any advice. The receptionist said that she had HPV and did not tell anyone she was with. I was weary, so I asked her to ask the doctor, and all he said was that it was extremely common. I asked if they could do a pap on me now to see if it at least went away, and they refused.

I feel like it is important to tell this new guy in my life about this. Especially if things work out for us, I don't want it to come out later on that I had HPV and did not tell him...Whenever I ask any of my friends what they would do, they say they aren't sure. I've read articles about girls printing out fact sheets about HPV when telling a new partner, but that seems a bit pushy for me. I don't want it to seem like I am shoving statistics and information down his throat. 

I am scared of being rejected for something that is not my fault and something that will go away or already has. Please share your experiences with this. 

Thank you.


Yes it's a tricky one, 

Like any STI though I would exoect a partner to tell me, if he's a good egg as you suspect i'm sure he will understand, he may already have it himself ! 80 percent of people have had or still have it.

Although the risks for men are considered less so than for ladies, they still exist in the form of throat/penis/anal cancers (small percentages but still) so its important to let him know.

Most people will fight the infection and go on to live a normal life with no complictaions and atleast if your both aware you can do some things to give you the best chance of fighting it off. Eating a plant dense diet and taking suppliments such as VIT C and AHCC keeping fit etc. 

HPV is not only transmitted by sex either it can be transmitted through contact too so the sooner you tell him the better really. 

HPV is incredibly common and with many different strains he has probably been exposed to a few in his lifetime. I encourage you to be open and honest do some research with him and you could even make an apt with your GP together if it comes to that. 

When I was diagnosed my partner was too - at the same apt at the gum clinic (I had some skin tag bumps downstairs and so did he) this happened about two months into our relationship all very new and embarressing for us but we got through it - we have stayed together both take suppliments and try and live as healthily as possible ! We each dont know who the carrier was or if we both had it before being together but we dont care - we laugh about it now.