new member and worried

Hi there, I'm rather new to this so please be gentle! Anyway I'm 28 and had my smear results back today which have tested positive for hpv and shown high grade (severe) dyskaryosis. Now I've been a bit daft and hit the Google button (silly I know!) but I've managed to work myself up into worse case scenario territory and I'm petrified nothing seems to make sense I've tried to ring doctors and the colposcopy clinic to to try to make an appointment to know avail. If any one has any advice about how to get my head together whilst I'm waiting for appointment to come through I'd be eternally grateful! 

Am in same boat your not alone x

Hello jrt1986, I would have said ''don't google it'' but I see you already have!  we've all made that mistake.  The colposcopy is very effective at dealing with this, hopefully you'll get appointment soon &  knowing you have had this done might  ease your mind a bit, though the worry will start all over again until you get colposcopy results too.  Best thing you can do while you wait,  is keep yourself busy, if you've a hobby, reading, swimming, knitting, sewing, crafts, anything, indulge yourself in some kind of project. 

Hopefully next time you're on here you'll have had the  colposcopy and  a good outcome!

Best wishes


Thank you for your kind replies, I just feel so worried I can't help feeling so worried about going for colpos. Everyone says not to worry including my family but it's just so scary? Does the colpos hurt?

I had my Colposcopy yesterday and it was uncomfortable at times but didn't hurt at all even when he took the biopsy and cauterised afterwards. It doesn't last too long and you get a cuppa and biccies afterwards. Well I did anyway lol xx

Hi, Iam in exactly same postion being goig out of my mind tried to bring colposcopy forward with no joy so scheduled for next Wed (cant come quick enough) however i have been to the doctors today and seen the nurse ... she was really nice and advised me dyskarosis does not mean cancer simply abnormalities ... she also said not all abnormalities turn cancerous they are unsure what causes that hence why everyone with this grade is offered treatment! She also mentioned the amount of ppl which ignore the referral letter is quite high (dont know how when its all i have thought about since i received it! i got myself that worked up today i called in sick to work she also seen the state i was in and perscribed me diazapam she said this will calm me down and therefore i may be able to get some sleep.


Keep me informed and message if you need as we going through the same thing xx

Hi louise, thanks for this and I will keep in touch I'm so nervous incase something sinister is going on and having trouble concentrating :( I've spoken to a few family members and they've said the same as people here but it keeps rattling round my head all the what ifs! I hope that the diazepam helps you feel better and that you can get some sleep everything always seems worse when your tired xx

hya girls. i know every one says dont worry but we all do when we get that dreaded letter. its too hard not to, so scared of the unknown and the what ifs! but i say the colposcopy is not as bad as we think its going to be. an let them know you are nervous and they should accomodate for that. every clinic is obviously different (as i didnt get tea and biscuits) but te be honest i didnt want to stay longer lol. take someone if you can if that keeps you calm. i went on my own and it was still ok.  i am waiting for results of Lletz 2more weeks to go but my new motto is dont worry till you know what your worrying about. hope everything is ok. x 

Totally and every little niggle in my body i think oh no :( doesnt help i have not slept properly. 


Stephanielouise- how long in total do u expect t wait for reults after treatment? and if its Cin2/orCin3 is it pretty much a given you will receive treatment on that day



I'm hoping that I'm going to be seen soon my mum left a message saying that the admissions team had left a message at hers (strange as I haven't lived there for 10 years and my gp has all my details) hopefully means the balls rolling. Can any one explain what a cone biopsy is? I've had this mentioned by a person at work today