Advice please.scared

Hi all im new to hear so please bear with me.I had my first smear on dec 15 n got the letter saying high grade dyskaryosis on 27th.appointment has been made for this friday for question is at this appointment will they be able to give an idea if something is seriously wrong?im sooo worried.i have frequent aching in my back where kidneys are and sometimes in left shoulder but only after being busy.ive also had a change in periods as in theyve gone from bright red blood to light pink more like mucus.ive never given it much thought until given the abnormal result but now im terrified 

Oh, Woo, it is so scary to get a letter like that! Then you Google and attribute every ache, pain and symptom to scary stuff. My top tip is to avoid Google - it's not your friend! At the colposcopy they might be able to answer some questions but, in my experience, they might not volunteer information if you don't ask. Ask them what they can see! Make sure you know when and how you will get your results. There might be very little to worry about so try to soothe yourself. Take care and I hope the colposcopy goes well and reassures you. :)

Kirsty x

Thankyou for your reply.I didnt understand the wording of the letter or what it meant hence why i went to google for answers.ive just worked myself up into such a state over it.mainly because of my a single mum see and just worried for them xx

Hi Woo,

I am booked in for a colposcopy on Friday too and am so worried. I have stupidly been googling myself silly (between weeping like a child and drinking the Christmas wine when the kids are asleep). Keep your spirits up, not long now. Never have I dreaded something so much yet needed it to happen so soon. 

good luck with it, hoping it will turn out ok for us both, and anyone else reading this who may not be ready to post. You are not alone in this

I have been reading this forum a lot over the last few weeks since my dodgy smear and would like to say thank you to all you beautiful ladies who post here, to help and reassure us newbies. So glad my googling stopped here 



I'm in the same boat :( got my smear result Xmas Eve and been panicking ever since. It has totally ruined Xmas. I can't think of anything else and hardly eaten. Had my coloposcopy letter through 27th booked for 5th jan but I rang them & got a cancellation for tomorrow morning... I'm now lying awake shaking and worrying... good luck for all our upcoming appointments, xxx

Hi everyone :-)

Great advice from Kirsty as ever! Good luck all of you with your results, and try not to worry about obscure aches and pains, you would have had some noticeable symptoms before that stage! It's a good idea to write your questions down on a piece of paper before your appointment because you may well find that your mind goes blank when the doctors start telling you stuff.

Be lucky


Good luck today Jenna. Hope it all goes well for you x

Hi all so nice to have someone who understands how your feeling.not long to wait now.good luck to you all for your appointments hope all goes well xx

Hi, just to say I've had my colposcopy and they carried out LLetz Under LA. It was fine, not painful, just a tiny bit uncomfortable but over very quickly. The nurses were brilliant especially as soon as I walked in I burst out in hysterics. Nurse thinks cin2/3... She said results in 3/4 weeks. I asked a million questions but the ladies were very patient. I got tea and biscuits after too, hope this is a little reassuring to you both, xxx

Ah Jenna that is great news. Glad to hear it went so well. Super happy for you because this is not a very nice boat, seems like they are usually pretty spot on, so if they were happy to treat there and then they must be confident that it is all good. Happy New year X

That sounds reassuring jenna.glad it wasnt an unpleasant experience (as such).xx

Hi Woo, how did it go?
Just got home from my appointment. It was quite a large area (approx 2/3 of cervix) but they seemed happy enough and did the LLETZ treatment on me. Most undignified, especially when he called the Consultant in half way! My manky innards have been sent off for biopsy. Results should be 4-6 weeks but he was confident it should be ok and only pre-cancerous cells so follow up smear in 6 months unless I hear otherwise. Feeling ok so far apart from being mortally humiliated. Still under the effects on local anaesthetic but expecting to probably feel a bit used and abused for a few days. Oh well at least it prompted me to wax my beastly legs.

I also had pain where I thought my kidneys were, a bit if spotting after sex, and thicker discharge than usual and was convinced it was going to be bad news. Still wont quite believe it until the results are back but feeling a lot more reassured.

hope you are doing ok too x

Hi suzysooz pretty much same as you.quite a large area but cells were quite deep?had lletz and cells sent for biopsy but im still so scared that something bad is going to come back from the know when you just have that gut feeling or you convince yourself something is wrong.i think ive just got myself into a right state :( xx

Hi Woo

I know exactly what you mean. I have been a dreadful mess but found more strength the closer it got.

In my head I had a few scenarios...  my worst case being a golf ball being found and awkward gulps all around. My best case was that they would offer to treat there and then, my thinking being I knew that I had high grade as the nurse had seen it at smear and smear lab confirmed it. I figured that having treatment there and then would mean they were confident in what they were dealing with. I know others who have been called back for LLETZ under a general or just had biopsies which for me would have been far worse and made my imagination roam so much more. I already let this ruin my Christmas.

Anyway, lets make a pact to count our blessings for now, and try our best not to worry about the biopsies until we hear back. In my head I have been running a bucket list (crazy huh, I have also smashed an ipad, burnt myself 3 times on the oven and wept through both my kids nativities) I even subtly asked the kids for input. Anyway I decided I would do the things I wanted either way. Nothing like a real scare to make you reassess your priorities! 

Lets be positive, and crampy and leaky together. What with the frying I have forgotten my kidneys and senstive bladder completely! I suggest that if you can, you do too. 

Big hugs. Keep positive x

Your positive attitude is definitely an inspiration so thankyou for that.ive been the same in my head id wrote myself off.its my kids im worried for thinming the worst as im a single mum.definitely going to try be more positive ive been a blubbering mess for the last week and certainly cant keep that up around the kids.fingers crossed all comes back clear for us both xx

Oh woo that must be hard as a single parent. Hope you have someone to help you out over the next few days. It is certainly a very emotional time.

Trashy TV and a takeaway tonight for me, feel like I might be able to rest for the first time since this started. If in the unlikely event it comes back as something worse (can't even bring myself to say its horrible name) surely it will be very early and highly treatable.


Fab attitude ladies!

But it's way too early to be drafting bucket lists - it'll only make you disappointed when you are told you're perfectly fit and well :-)



Oh dear,

Does that mean I have to return my epic designer shoes? 

Because I won't! Never! 


Hi Suzy & Woo, glad it went ok for both of you yesterday, I was thinking of you both. i agree the anxiety & waiting are the hardest parts! xx

Ah thanks Jenna. How are you getting on? Not bleeding at all at the moment, just brownish stuff and feeling crampy, especially my back. Got up super early this morning as my mind was racing and although not in pain as such, was just really uncomfortable. Luckily my new shoes arrived to cheer me up!

Now the waiting game. Everything crossed for us all x