New here but not new to abnormal smears :( (Children mentioned)

Hi :slight_smile:

I will start off with telling my history re abnormal smears. About 6 years ago had an abnormal smear test and was referred for a colopscopy. Had a cone biopsy taken during the colposcopy and they brought me back after the results for ?LLetz?
Was seen at the hospital and had smears every 6 months for the 1st year and then every year since which were all clear. I had a smear in March 2013 which came back showing abnormal cell changes which were mild.
I am a mother of 5 children. The eldest is 12 and the youngest is 4 months old :slight_smile:
I was just wondering a few things. Firstly, as I have only given birth 4 months ago, could this affect the cells of my cervix? Also I was induced and the dr put me through hell trying to break my waters. At one point she had he whole hand inside!! Could this have caused damage to my cervix and caused cell changes?
The other thing I was wanting to ask is if anyone else here had had sucessful treatment for abnormal smears and then get it again? What are the chances that it will just keep coming back and back?
I really don’t want to think the worst as I have my gorgeous children to look after and watch grow up and I am scared that I could get cancer :frowning:

Hi Blue Cathy,

I don't have any direct experience of your sitaution, but  I do have something that might put your mind at ease slightly. In August when I was having a major meltdown over my abnormal smear I spoke a lot with my mum, who has never had any issues, and my aunty who it transpires has. 

She was 28 when she gave birth to my cousin and the birth was a bit traumatic (I can't remember all the details she needed lots of blood transfusions and stitches and she fractured her pelvis I think). Since then she hasnt had a clear smear. I'm not sure what shows up on her tests (whether it's abnormal, borderline, mild etc) but she has a smear every 6 months and colp. every year I think. She asked the colposcopist once how long this could go on for, and she told her that due to the circumstances of the birth and the damage to her cervix the cells may never return to normal.

I hope this goes some way towards helping x x x

Hi Blue Cathy,


Congratulations on your baby. I just wanted to say that I'm in a similar postion to you and a similar time frame.

I had a LLETZ for extensive CIN 6 years ago and have just got a letter saying I have high risk HPV and got to go back for a colp - just when you think you can move on!! I have not had kids, but have had had a fair bit of "trauma" to my cervix with an ectopic caused by an IUD that was half out and 2 rounds of IVF. My understanding is that  inflamation and damage can help let the virus in, but you have to have hpv infection in the first place to develop abnormal cells.

do you have a date for your colp? I'm still waiting for my letter.



Thanks for your reply. I am going to mention this when I go for my colopscopy next month but I doubt I will get an answer as they may fear me blaming them!

I have got my colposcopy on 24th may at 9am so at least I am not waiting all day but I imagine that the clinic will not be running on time. You also get called about 3 times. First time to talk to a nurse, 2nd time for the actual colposcopy and then 3rd time to discuus what was seen/found and what happens next. Why they cant do it all in one go is annoying and I really do hate the process :(

I think I am a carrier of HPV as I remember having warts on my hands when I was a child but I also remember having a genital wart, which disappeared, when I was treated last time x


Hi, hope you are ok. I don't know if I will be of much help, but I had my colopscopy last month and the nurse told me that the majority of people that have abnormal cells is because of HPV. It can lay dormant in your system for years and unfortunately it isn't treatable unless you had the injection before you became sexually active. However the process of what happens next after abnormal cells isn't always an effective source of treatment and we can unfortunately have abnormal cells for the rest of our lives. My sister inlaw had her first lletz surgery in 2004 and was clear for abnormal years for 7 years. But last year they returned and shes going through the whole process again. As unpleasant as it all is for us, we have to remember that this is preventing us from it turning into cancer. I have had 2 difficult births and one lovely birth. My 1st birth was over 9 years ago and have no abnormal cells till this year. I have been reassured by my nurses and I do suggest you talk with yours if you have concerns as they will put your mind at rest. All of this is incredibly scary and we all fear the worst because of our children. I am having a lot of difficulties after my lletz but am assured I will be fine. I hope you can be more at ease after speaking to your nurse hunnie x

Hi, i am new on here too.  I had CIN over 20 years ago and had two cone biopsies which cleared everything up - went on to have two kids.  I was told to have annual smears which I have done, but then to go back to every 3 - 5years.  Had one three months ago and the doc said my cone biopsy looked red and sore and in fact looked like it had been done recently rather than all that tie ago.  The smear was inconclusive so back again 3 months later.  Just come home and raelly worried.  The doc said my cervix still looked really red, raw and sore and possibly had an erosion but that she was referring me for colposcopy.  I have had no symptoms of anything at all but I feel like history repeating itself and that I have advanced cancer which has been missed as they didn't let me keep having annual smars and changed me to longer intervals.  She said it could be hormonal changes as I am on the 'change' but just looked on itternet which I know is worst thing you can do - and it says erosions rate in women my age.  Can anybody put my mind at ease????