Abnormal Smear results after having a baby

I've never used a forum before but thought I would seek some advice or support, if possible. I am 27 years old and have a 3 month old baby, I've just got my smear results back and they have stated that I have abnormal cells, which is a shock. I've had two previous smear tests and they have both been fine. Through pregnancy, I have had two bleeds and have had my cervix looked at, the consultant did ask when my last smear was (I keep thinking about this comment) but then had an examination and nothing was mentioned. I suffer from anxiety and I am so emotional about this, I keep thinking the worst. I haven't had my appointment through for the colonoscopy yet but the letter said it would be within the next few weeks. Has anyone had this after giving birth? 

Thank you in advance 

Hi Bella first off well done for taking charge of your health and having your smear. I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry too much until you know what is happening. Abnormal cells are just that abnormal they don't mean you have cancer. Your body and especially your cervix have just been through an awful lot of changes during your pregnancy and birth the colposcopy gives the doctor a chance to have a proper look and take appropriate action which may just be wait and see what happens or biopsy. Speak to your practice nurse about your anxieties be open and honest she may be able to help. Don't google too much it doesn't help and be kind to yourself in the next few weeks. Take care and goo luck x