Abnormal result

Hi I wonder if anyone can explain the following for me please? I recently had a colposcopy as I had an abnormal smear result. During the procedure I was told the cells were not cancerous however, the consultant then went on to take biopsies of the neck of the womb and the linning of the womb and also arranged for a scan of the ovaries and fallopian tubes. He said that he needed to trace where the cells had come from? He went on to say that the site of the cells may also be non cancerous but could also be cancerous. What I am not understanding is, I thought that if the cells in the cervix were not cancerous or even pre cancer they were burnt away but I have not heard before that they needed to find the site of the cells? Can anyone help me as this is driving me crazy with worry?

Hi Tina

I hope you are ok? I'm sorry I can't really answer your question but wanted to make sure you got a reply. I wondered if perhaps your abnormal cells are glandular ones, which are higher up in the cervix but am totally speculating. Have you had a copy of your smear result? Or I wonder if you were referred for symptoms, in which case I think they are always a bit more thorough, looking for a root cause. If you are in any doubt, I would call either your doctor or the colposcopy clinic and ask them to talk you through it. I hope you get some answers very soon x x

Hi Suzy thanks for your reply.  things have moved on since I posted this.  I had biopsies, MRI scan and ultra sound and had appointment for results today. they found high grade CIN in the cervix and have suggested I have a full hysterectomy.  Didnt expect that to be honest so am still in shock. The other option was to wait 6 months and go through it all again to see if it has returned. My theory is if its gotta go its gotta go! My only worry is that the bits they cant remove will still have to be checked every six months but at least the major parts will be gone. This is all very difficult as I have recently got in to a new relationship and have no idea how I will feel after the op? Im no youngster by the way 58 but would hate to think that I wouldnt feel the same afterwards? Lots to look in to I guess.