Had Colposcopy this morning.... need advice.

Hi all,

I had my colposcopy this morning. The consultant couldn't see any abnormal cells on the outside of my cervix but said he can't see futher up the cervix so took a smear which he said would catch any abnormal cells from up there.

I didn't get referred for the colposcopy from an abnormal smear but because I was having abnormal bleeding etc, my next smear isnt due till next year.

Now im a bit worried because I've read on here from a few people that adenocarcinoma wasnt detected through a smear. The consultant has assured me it would be if it's there but what if it doesn't and something is up there :( 

Obviously having nothing wrong with the outside of my cervix is good news but now I've got to wait another couple of weeks before I find out if the inside is clear too!!


Has anyone else been through this? Has anyone had adenocarcinoma diagnosed by smear only and biopsies later plus nothing seen on colposcopy???


Hi that's great news that there were no obvious signs for you, I had glandular neoplasia cells that showed up on my smear so went and had a colposcopy and a lletz done, I haven't had any results back yet (the appt was two weeks ago) but at the colposcopy the consultant said that it was nothing that couldn't be sorted with treatment and dismissed the fact that these gcin cells had been picked up? I'm confused like you as my gp said in the beginning that I was very lucky that my smear had picked them up as normal they can be missed, I guess it's all a waiting game but at least you can dismiss the sign of and cin cells xx