Abnormal smear following colposcopy


I’m new here but I am wondering if anyone has experienced something similar to me. I had a colposcopy back in December following an HPV and abnormal cells being found in a smear. The results showed CIN3 cells. I had a follow up on June and my consultant was very happy with the results and could not see any more abnormal cells. My smear test has just come back which is still showing HPV and moderate grade abnormal cells which has been a bit of a shock given that the colposcopy seemed to show everything was fine. I am waiting to hear what they want to do next as they want to discuss it at an MDT meeting but just wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar?


Did you have any treatment after you got CIN results? My doctor said mine is high grade too, he did biopsy but I am still waiting results, really worried too !

Yes, I had the cells removed initially back in December. The follow up colposcopy in June couldn’t see any more abnormal cells but the smear test is still indicative of moderate abnormal cells. I have spoken to my consultant now and she said that they are going to review the smear test results as often the lab are overly cautious and it may be that the results will be downgraded as they couldn’t see anything in the colposcopy - just got to wait and see though. She said at worst I would need to go back for another biopsy. Although the treatment isn’t pleasant the main thing is it’s been spotted and they can do something about it. I know it’s a worrying time but that’s the main thing which I keep hold of. I would much prefer to know and get it treated. Xx

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