Smear Test abnormal cells and polyps with positive HPV


Today I had my smear results back which are slightly abnormal with positive HPV so need to go for colposcopy- I’m worried as during my smear the nurse said i need to see the doctor as I have two polyps has anyone else had polyps and abnormal cells? What was the outcome?

I have had CIN3 before which I was treated for and also a polyp a couple of years later removed but not tested

Hi there I'm also worrying aswell as Iv had my first abnormal smear after years of normal ones :( I have high grade ( moderate) dyskariosis , I had a colcoscopy on 28-3-17 and the dr wanted to treat me there and then but I got so upset he rebooked  lletz and biopsy 25-4-17  I'm petrified more now because during my colcoscopy they found a lesion with the abnormal cells aswell on my cervix , it could be a polyp but I'm still scared :( hope all goes ok for you xx

Hi Bethy,

How did your appointment go? I had my colposcopy on Wednesday 26.04.17 and the polyps they could not see (although nurse and doctor both sore them on two separate occasions) however the abnormal cells were still present so the consultant took 2 biopsys and I will receive results in 4 weeks, they did also mention a cost present but didn't say anything more about it after so guess that's normal.

Try not to worry I know it's easier said than done I worried like made feel a bit less worried now as if I stay worried for 4 weeks ill be a nervous wreak I'm also told no news is good news.

I have had treatment for CIN 3 ..7 years ago and I asked for general anesetic which was better as I didn't know a thing, I have asked for GA again if I need further treatment and they said that's fine so if u are so worried about the procedure maybe ask for GA if you prefer

Hope you get on ok and please let me know 

Scared and on the edge of a break down . I had cni3 cells removed in Feb. I have now been told cells are normal but i have HPV and a polip in my womb.  Haven't spoken to my doctor yet but the nurse doing my ultra sound scan told me she found a polip in womb . I had my routine smear and it said normal cells but hpv . I think I am going to be told I got cancer and I just can't take no more of this . Please can some one tell me they had this issue and was ok ? 

Hi i know this is an old post but im.wondering if anyone is able to how they got on? Im going through the exact same thing x