Abnormal cells

Hi everyone, I had my smear test 2 weeks ago and got a phone call yesterday to tell me I had abnormal cells and they were severe dyskaryosis (cin3) I understand they can be burnt/taken away but I’m worried that when I get to my colposcopy (I’m currently waiting on an appointment) that they will have a look and say it’s actually cancer. Is this a possibility or what they saw on the smear is set and it is only cin3? I’m so anxious and suffer with a really bad anxiety disorder. I’ve been put on sleeping tablets due to worrying so much, I can’t eat and I just can’t enjoy life at the moment through fear. Could someone explain the whole process and if diagnosis can change or if cancer can be seen on the smear? Thanks so much. 

Hi Hayleyhwalsh, I'm sorry I don't think I'm on top of all the medical stuff yet myself to be able to give you any answers, but I just wanted to say I'm thinking of you. Waiting is so horrible, maybe you could do something nice for yourself in the meantime? I got a massage yesterday and I highly recommend it!

Hi hayley. Sorry you're having to deal with this, i understand how worrying it is. I had abnormal smear and was sent for a colposcopy and i had lletz and biopsy same day ( unexpected but that's a whole other story). Some advice - defo take someone with you for support, be prepared to have treatment on the same day, take a sanitary pad, and ask loads of questions if you're unsure of anything. The colposcopy itself i found ok, uncomfortable but bearable and the nurse was very nice and chatty with me.

Unfortunately i had zero info prior to and during treatment, went by myself and kind of fazed out so left none the wiser to what had actually happened. I just found out the other day that i have cin 3 and i'm still waiting in biopsy results.

No use telling you not to worry because it's impossible but hopefully the advice i've given can help a bit. Best wishes.x

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your reply. I went for my colposcopy and it turns out I do have cervical cancer unfortunately. They caught it early and I’ve had my MRI and CT scans to confirm it’s not spread. I’m due my radical hysterectomy on the 16th January and this should be my cure. Such a shock at the age of 25. X