New, alone and kind of scared!

Hi, I'm Laurie and I'm new to the website and forum you all seem such strong amazing women you really do! I was just wondering if I could get some help, advice maybe? I've been bleeding for 6weeks straight with a strange smell sorry tmi I know and pain during and after sex. I decided the Tuesday just gone to go to doctors whilst kids were at school and get checked out. The doctor was brilliant and said she would do a smear to just make sure everything was okay but upon examination she put all the smear stuff away and told me to get dressed and sit back at her desk. Once I sat back down she proceeded to tell me how concerned she was that the lumps that had been noticed on my last smear are no longer there but what is there are now ulcers and that there is noticeable Un normal discolouration of my cervix and she is concerned that it's cervical cancer! She said she wanted me to be put on the two week wait to see a gynaecologist in hospital well yesterday just a day after my doctors appointment the hospital rang and have booked me in for a colposcopy next Tuesday at 2. I have two young boys and will be honest I'm scared right now. So sorry for long winded message and would very much like and advice help and or reassurance even. Thanks in advance, Laurie

Hi Laurie im new here too, im sorry i cant offer you any advise but i just wanted to wish you well, try keep strong and i really hope tues goes well, i will check back to see how you get on... good luck and all the best xx 

Hi Emma, thanks for your reply! How are you? well I see the gynecologist last Tuesday and she done a thorough internal examination and has booked me straight in for this Friday to have a colposcopy and punch biopsy done so I'm still none the wiser at to what is going on or what's causing any of it. Fingers crossed for this Friday! Xxx