New to forum, so worried!!!

Hi all, so glad I found this website after the month from hell. I'm 24 y/o, a parent. I went to my local GUM due to bleeding after sex, the doctor then referred me to gynaecology oncology ( that's what it said on letter). I literally had a heart attack reading the letter, oncology!!! anyway had my appointment and had a colposcopy there and then which I had no clue I was having. Nurse said my cervix was bleeding quite a lot, she took biopsy and I have to go back in 2 weeks!. She did say she didn't see anything sinister but I'm still worried. I haven't had a smear before as I have been refused due to being under 25 and I've had post colital bleeding for maybe 6-8 weeks. has anyone else gone through something similar? I'm convinced I'm really sick and it's stopping me from living my life normally . 

Nicole xx

Hiya. Im also new. Im 25 and a parent.Im no expert but didn't wanna read n run. My first smear result meant going for a coloscopy and I had to have loop treatment straigjt away (LEEP I think its called). Im no expert but from what the nurse saw she probs wasnt overly concerned if she didnt do treatment there and then. I know it scary but try not to worry. X

Thanks for your reply. Yes I hope its nothing sinister. After my colposcopy she gave me an appointment for 2 weeks time. Im just scared as she has gven me an appointment so she must think it is definatly something. Im confusing myself and Im so worried. 2 weeks feels like 2 years :( 


The waiting is defo the worst. if you do need treatment its not as bad as it sounds. Good luck n hope everything is ok x