Hello scared newbie

Hello my name is Emma, I am 32 years old, married and have two beautiful children. I am extremely worried I went to my gp, as I had bleeding after intercourse, and over six weeks I have experienced bleeding for 5 days and then over 7/8 days with no bleeding, and then again another 4/5 days of bleeding,and then again 7/8 days with no bleeding and again 4/5 days of bleeding. I also have a dull ache, itching, and inflamed cervix which was seen on examination. I am terrified that I have cancer I have got over a week to wait for my appointment to colposcopy and I was refereed by Dr on Friday got the letter Saturday and now have to wait for next Tuesday I can't eat, sleep or do anything as I am looking on Google and diagnosing myself and every little ache and pain I am worrying that this could be it. I always think the worse and I know they can do a lot but it is the waiting and not knowing i have never had an abnormal smear since I had them at the age of 21 and never missed an appointment.

Please help I just need to talk to people in the same boat.

Emma x.

Hi Emma Jo's is a good place for advice and support of all the lovely lady's it has helped me a lot the past few weeks I got told 2 weeks ago I had cc I have an inturnal tomorrow and MRI scan on Tuesday to be staged and find out what treatment am having I was the same as you not eating or sleeping lost about 1 stone it's no good for you try and stay positive and don't go on dr google sending you a big hug x

Thank u cvs I am trying not to go on Dr Google but it hard and hope everything goes well with you. my sister has had abnormal cells and she was far braver than me I am definetly a worrier when it comes to mine or my families health it is due to bad things all ways happen to me it was all after I gave birth to my daughter how than died 17 hours after I had her. 

Aww sorry to hear that  the same I always have bad luck I had a baby girl 4 months ago and I was bleeding through out pregnancy she was born few weeks early in october then on the first dec my mother in law passed away and to top it off getting the bad news I have cc just sent me crazy I don't really have any one to talk too so Jo's is really good and makes me feel better knowing am not the only one going through this stay positive and the waiting is the hardest thing x

It such a scary time, but you to hope all goes well.

What a scary time. I remember it well! You know it could be something serious so I'm not going to tell you not to worry! The waiting for results/appointments is always the worst but whatever happens you WILL get through it. 


Good luck for Tuesday. 

Hi after reading you post I felt that I had to comment as your story sounds so similar to mine. I went to the dr's with bleeding after sex as well as bleeding in between periods. I was examined and he commented that my cervix looked inflamed and red. I was referred for an urgent colposcop and was seen within 4 days- expecting the worst. When the procedure was done the gynaecologist did not find any dodgy cells but said that my symptoms were due to cervical erosion. Which apparently is common if you've been on the pill for ages (which I had) I had a small procedure called a cold cogulation done and have now come off the pill and touch wood I have had any further bleeding. I know it's really easy to say don't worry but your at least in the system and they will get to the bottom of things for you- hope everything works out well for you xxx

strangly I am also the same age also had the itching and also have thankfully had clear smears

Thank u Evieie I also forgot to say that the bleeding is only on wiping and it red and brown sorry for being so detailed but I can't concentrate and I have over a week to wait for the colposcopy and I don't know what to do I am on a major panic.

That was exactly how I was it wasn't a 'gush' of blood and like you i only noticed it when wiping. I really do hope everything works out for you but I really felt I had to comment as my experience was so similar. As a lot of ladies on here say the waiting is the worst. the short time I had to wait for the colposcopy was probably one of the worse times of my life xx

Yeah it is and I too really hope so thank u so much for the reassurance.

Hi Emma,

Never worry about Too Much Information on this site, we can't be hiding behind polite conversation here :-) I'm not sure if this will give you any comfort but I hope it will. prior to my cancer diagnosis, when I was having post-coital bleeding, it wasn't only on wiping, it was a mess! me, the husband and the bedding, bright red.

Be lucky


Hello Tivoli, 

Your experience sounds even more terrifying!! i know all the ladies on her are going through the same but how do you all stay positive. I just wanted to get this appointment over a done with so I have answers I not sure if it is my implanon, or if I have an infection I had bleeding and had picked up saintly towels that are fragranced, or even worse the dread C.


Well yeah, I think in the back of our minds we were both fairly sure that mine was cancer, no matter how hard we were pretending that it might be something less sinister. Yours may very well turn out not to be cancer so even though you have a bit over a week to wait until your appointment, try really hard not to think the worst as it's probably nothing too bad really.

How do we all stay positive? What is the point of crumpling? It achieves nothing :-)

Be lucky



Hi Emma I was just wondering how your colposcopy went?