Feeling very anxious

Hi everyone so I’ve had pain In back and pelvis bleeding between periods and not feeling well generally

So I went to the doctors and had an examination and she thought it was soft cells growing on the outside of the hard cells of my cervix So I was referred to the hospital in the colposcopy Department.

She took one look at my cervix and agitated the cells she said she didn’t think it was that because they didn’t bleed and then did the vinegar type wash and said if there was any abnormalities that she would take some biopsies.

She ended up taking two biopsies and also said that she was referring me to general gynaecology for scans

Obviously I was in a bit of shock because I wasn’t expecting that at all I was expecting to be treated for the initial thing of the soft cells She asked me if I had any questions and I was in pain and I said no I don’t.

I got home and realised I did have a lot of questions for example why did she refer me for scans ? Is she looking for cancer? What are the chances that it is Cancer ? Just feel in limbo I have requested a callback from my doctor tomorrow morning just so that I can ask questions that I didn’t ask when I was in the room with her.

Just feeling very worried and insecure right now.and quite sore!!!

Hi Nikki,

Did you manage to speak with your Dr? I hope she managed to answer some questions for you. I am in the same position just now and waiting for results of biopsies before knowing how/if needing to move forward with anything.

Everyone says this and I know it is easier said than done but until it is confirmed (which it still may not be) then there is nothing you can do apart from carry on daily life. Positive thoughts and take it one result at a time. Please let me know how you get on as it seems our symptoms are similar!

Happy New Year :) x