coloscopy advice!!

Hey, i really need some advice as i am really worried. i am 25 normally fit and so anyways the last year i have lost around 5st. My periods started to come more frequent and now have the every fortnight for a week. Also had alot of abdominal pain and back pain. I started to feel full really quickly and often not feeling hungry anymore. Anyhow i went to my gp who gave me a smear test. Came back abnormal cells. So gp sent me for a fast track urgent appt as she saw something on my cervix. I went to gynecologist appt on 7/01/18 who took 4 biopsys and sent me for an emergeny CA125 blood test. I have now recived and appt this morning  to go this sunday. I rang the gp to ask if they had my results back from hospital. My biopsy results have come back cin1. And the ca125 blood test came back as 138. And all she said is my gynecologist will be in touch with the results in full and a plan of action. As she wont be able to tell me more till after ultrasound. Is there anyone who can pit my mind at ease and explain what all thisnmeans please xx 

Hello lovely, I am sorry I cannot help and tell you what is going on but I do wish you well.

Atleast you havebeen seen and whatever it is you have will get sorted for you xx

Did you find out more since this post? I’d be interested in hearing what the plan is for treatment.