Feeling very anxious and emotional

Hi all, I have only joined this forum today, I have had a colposcopy which resulted in a biopsy being taken (think they did 3) I am trying really hard to be positive but the negative and worry seem to be quite overwhelming. I guess I was hoping that the colposcopy would be done and they would say that they couldn’t see any issues, I was quite surprised when they asked me to look at the screen to show me the area of abnormal cells, I asked how big that area was and they showed me with their hand a 5p sized area. They did not give me any indication if this was serious or not and the the team there were fab. However I’m now feeling that it is going to be bad news and I’m unsure how I should be feeling about all this. I’ve tried to talk to my family and keep getting that it’s unlikely to be cancer. Does anyone else feel this way? Sorry for the long message x

Hello again mrsgilly, i too am feeling really anxious (think we had our colps the same day) and i think its just human nature to feel this way! I keep telling myself that theres no point worrying as the worry will do more harm than good and will not change the outcome but the doubts creep in from time to time.

Really hope you're doing ok xx

I feel the same. My biopsy results will come back in few days and all I can think of that they are gonna tell me i have cancer. My body is drained with anxiety. So is my mind. Keep crying and crying. I guess it is normal to feel that way. I just need some support....