Waiting for biopsy results - feeling anxious

Hi all,

I had my first colposcopy and biopsy on Thursday this week after an abnormal smear result - HPV positive and high grade (severe) dyskariosis.

I'm feeling incredibly anxious waiting for the result and working myself up to expect the worst result. 

I couldn't fault the NHS staff at the hospital who were so kind and reassuring. I'm expecting to have the loop treatment and not feeling concerned about that whatsoever, im just so scared of the prospect of then finding cancer.

I'm not really sure why I'm even posting this here. I think just to get it off my chest.

There have been so many amazingly kind and reassuring posts and comments on this forum.


I felt the same. I am 32 and had exactly the same treatment as you after my first child. I was/ am also very anxious. You will feel better after the results are in. IM now waiting for my test of cure. I think that they are pretty good and working out what level of cell changes it is at colposcopy if that reassures you. I am happy to keep in touch if you would like as I am feeling the same as you and it's nice to have someone to talk to smile

It's terrifying. This is the worst time, you don't know what to expect, your imagination goes mad and the anxiety simmers under the surface the whole time. I certainly found it really helpful talking to other women - on here and in the outside world - it helped me keep it all in perspective, and feel less alone.

I've got everything crossed for you - my worst fears were realised, there was cancer. But it's very early stage so my worst fears were greatly exaggerated. And it's a bit of a roller coaster, something happens, you're in the dark while you wait, then you find something more out, and you have to process that, pick yourself up then start again. But this waiting waiting is a nightmare. I hope you've got somebody to throw their arms round you and hug you. it does help. And I've found this forum a lifesaver! Come and scream when you need to everyone here is so supportive and we're all in the same boat xxxxx


Having read yours & other posts I can pick out bits that match mine and think its helping me make sense of it all although I'm still really scared, I don't really have anyone else I can talk to.

I was on 2 week turnaround, had 2 days notice to go for colposcopy (2/11) & LLETZ was done there & then, now waiting for results.

2 weeks later I had very heavy bleeding & clots (unusual for me) and now a week later l have it again. Not really sure if this is normal period or if it could be an infection but think may call colposcopy unit for advice based on other comments.

I thought this was just amazingly quick service as all happened very quickly but from all the posts I am now worried that I've been a bit naive & things could be worse than I thought. 

Like you say Sarah_d I think just getting everything off our chest is a help.

It's sad to see so many posts but on the other hand it is comforting to know that there are others out there feeling & going through the same.

Fingers crossed for us all!! smile

Stay strong and stay safe x

Hello everyone

so sorry to hear of your stories, it's such a horrible time. I am also waiting on results from my biopsy yesterday.. my consultant told me he had found a mass and also said he was booking me an MRI ASAP without waiting for the results. :( I am mad now that I didn't ask how big it was or just outright if I have cancer. 

I am taking that as I have and now it's just about finding out how bad it is now. this forum has been brilliant and coming on here and reading every experience (so so sad that there are so many) is helping me and also stopping me from consulting dr google! 

I hope you don't mind me replying especially as I don't really have anything to contribute only that I understand how you are feeling and you are not alone. 

Wishing you all the best 

Kel x


Thank you for your replies - it is a comfort to know there are others I can talk to who can relate to what I am feeling.

I had my biopsy results today, CIN III so I am going back to have the loop diathermy treatment on Tuesday.  I'm grateful to fall under such an efficient hospital.

I feel a huge sense of relief with this result and knowing that the treatment is now booked in.

Thanks again for you support x