Very worried xxxx

Hi all,

I went to my GP last Monday and have been referred via the 2 week pathway to the gynaecologist whom I saw last Thursday-( very quickly) it was just a consultation appt where he looked at my cervix and said it was very red and I had some ecoption, he has ordered me a scan a colopscopy and another test (which I am unsure of) he said he will put these through as urgent.  

My history is clear pap test two years ago, but last three months I have been having Brown blood stained discharge  and pinkin bodily fluids after sex ( sorry it sounds horrible!) The past week also I have been suffering with excruciating lower pain.  I am going out of my mind with worry as I have read back pain only occurs with advanced cervical cancer.  I am 36 years old and have a beautiful 7 year old son, I lost both of my parents to cancer in quick succession at a young age and I am going out of my mind with worry.  Any help or advice would be much appreciated xxxx


heyy sorry to hear your going through this im in the same boat so i cant offer you any advise sorry.

iv got my colopscopy and biopsy tomorrow just 15 days from my smear. which is quick considering i was told 4 weeks just to get the smear results back. 

im same as you, with the back pain, loss of blood/ discharge etc. along with stomach pains really low amongst alot of other stuff... one thats really worrying me is the swelling of my right leg and pain.. ive had this for 9 years now and been back and forth to gps a&e etc no diagnosis they just dont kmow why, i got a rheumatoid arthiritis diagnosis 5 years ago and even now they swear blind it is nothing to with it at all. after reading up on the nhs website that is also a symptom of advanced cervical cancer.

you are not alone hun... this site is brill iv only been on it 4 days and i have found so much out and from actual people thats going through it not google that scares the life out of you. 

i wish you the very best of luck and will be looking out for updates.

all the best Emma xx 


I too am feeling exceptionally worried, I went for my first ever smear yesterday (I'm 24) I bled when she did the smear and she got the doctor in to have a look he had a quick ten second look, took the nurse out of the room and then they both came back in and told me they were making me a 2 week cancer referal, my appointment is next Monday (10 days from my appointment) I feel completely and utterly sick with worry. 


The GP told me that he has looked at cervixes before and known they were cancerous, he said he didn't know for sure this was the case but wants to be on the safe side.  I had my letter through from the hospital this morning stating I would have a colposcopy and potential other tests. 


Feel totally sick. Any advice welcome!!!!!