Nervous over appointment tomorrow

Hi, I am probabaly not meant to post here since I am not actually diagnosed but... I had my colonoscopy on July 12th so this is week 4 of waiting for results and to-day i got a call to come in to see the consultant tomorrow. I guess i am posting here because they are not going to be telling me good news and i want to have registered here and posted so I have somewhere to come back to tomorrow - ridiculous really!

I'm just so nervous. I am being pretty cool about the whole thing with my husband as I would not wish this chilling feeling on anyone else. I notice that everyone here hates the waiting and it takes its toll but I also notice the speed of treatment and while that is good it is frightening too - it seems like life goes from plod along normal to really serious treatments. I am not worried about any treatment just want whatever it is dealt with but its the pace, the change I see has happened to people seems like bolts from the blue and it must be head wrecking trying to adjust and embark on treatment so fast.

I don't really have a question or anything but will come back and say how it goes tomorrow. I'm 40 by the way - I'm stunned at how young (20's) lots of the people on this site are.


I'm new to, not diagnosed, I'm a few stages behind you and have my coposcopy on Friday.

Will be thinking of you.

Hi Ria

Just wanted to wish you luck for your appointment tomorrow! we’re all here for you whatever the outcome.

Try to stay positive - you don’t know what the results are yet - easier said than done i know!

Take Care

Em xx

Hi Ria,


Yup I'll echo Em - good luck for tomorrow! Hope you can manage to do something relaxing this evening xx

Hi Ria

Just wanted to echo the other ladies. Good luck for tomorrow and whatever the results us ladies are on here to give you lots of support. Let's hope it's not bad news. Like jo said try and relax tonight and remain positive. Xxxx


Thanks all for your kind words - I am taking your advice and trying to forget it till tomorrow so I will chat to you then.

KW - the staff at my colposcopy clinic were great. I went on my own and was fine. It was not painful at all but i guess it is not comfortable. My legs shook and shook throughout but they made me a cup of tea afterwards and once i had a rest and the tea i was fine again. It wasn't a fun morning but nothing to worry about from a physical point of view - its was being anxious about why they were doing the procedure rather than what they were doing if you know what I mean. i had the LLETZ done at the same time and that was all fine - no pain so don't worry on that end. I will think of you on Friday.


Just posted but in the middle of the thread -d'oh!

Just wanted to say thanks for your kind words, I am taking your advice and trying to forget about it until tomorrow,

Hi Ria,

Hope tomorrow goes well - I'll have my fingers crossed for you! Keep positive :)

Soph x

Good luck tomoz be thinking of you xxx

Hi all, well I am not such a fraud anymore. I had a feeling I would be "Newly Diagnosed" by to-day and here I am. I have adenocarcinoma - the glandular one anyway (CGIN) and best guess is 1B1. I had blood tests to-day and will get appointment for CT and and appointment to see surgical team in the next two weeks then it is an MRI and radical hysterectomy. Heres hoping that will be the end of it.

I am so glad my husband was there if only just so I did not have to go home and be the one to tell him such horrible news. I am strangely fine so far anyway. Going out to the movies. I am sure I will be back with questions when I start to get my head around this.

I am so glad to have found you all even though nobody wants to have good reason to be here. Thanks for your comments which are lovely to read  - it is good to have this place where I can say things without freaking anyone out.

Talk again soon.



Hi Ria,

Ah jeez, I was really hoping your news would be good. You have the same diagnosis as I did. I'm 4 weeks post hysterectomy now and doing really well. You will have lots of stages to go through but you will come through the other side. We are all here to support you. Sending you a massive hug. Tess xx 

Aww no, I was also hoping you wouldn't be getting that news :( I'm really sorry to hear that. 

I was also diagnosed with adenocarcinoma 3 weeks ago. It's only in the last week that I'm starting to get my head around it and coming up witha huge list of questions that I need to phone my consultant with! I spend most of my time wondering how this can be real because I dont feel like anything is wrong with me! It's an emotional rollercaoaster that's for sure but as Tess says, we are all here whatever you need :)

Sophie xxx

Hi Ria,

I’m so, so sorry you’ve been diagnosed. Like the others I was rooting for you not to have been.

There is all the support and advice you could possibly need on Jo’s so don’t be a stranger if you need anything.

There are so many positive stories on the forum too, you WILL get through this, and we’ll all be here every step of the way.

Wishing you all the best, take extra special care of yourself,

Jo xx

So sorry you got thus news was really hoping you Gould get good results thinking of you xxxx