My treatment so far - week 4 over and done!

Thought I'd make a new update thread for everyone. That's my 4th week done. I was in as a day patient yesterday to get my Brachy sleeve fitted for my treatment next week. I'm definitely not an early morning person, so getting up at 5:30am was hard but at least the traffic into Edinburgh was quiet!

I've never had any operations before so I was a bit nervous, but there were 4 of us all together waiting for the same op in the ward's tv room, dressed in hospital gowns, housecoats, stockings and slippers, so it kind of relaxed the atmosphere a bit!
I was in 2nd and everything seemed to go quickly. I recovered quickly and couldn't really feel any pain or discomfort. Once I was up and dressed I went down to get my regular radiotherapy, then back up to be discharged.

This is where I finally found out my stage as it was on my discharge letter. I know that sounds weird, but the Doctors I'd seen had never really came out and said "You are stage .......". So I'm officially stage 2b. They gave me a bag of pain killers and anti-nausea meds, I feel a bit period crampy but I think it's more poop related than op related.

So this week coming I have:

An MRI to check my treatment's progress

My last Chemo treatment

My regular Radiotherapy

Back into hospital super early for my 1st Brachy treatment


Love & Hugs


Megsmaw xx

Hi there

Just wanted to wish you all the best for next week.  

I was also 2b and had a similar treatment programme

Good luck, and take care


Me too!

2b, same treatment. Hope next week goes smoothly for you.

Today is my rad hyst's 3rd birthday but I don't think I'll bake it a cake, we might do a bonfire and perhaps some sausages later on though :-)

Be well


Hi Megsmaw

Just wanted to wish you well for the rest of your treatment.

Big hugs


Thanks everyone!  Having a bit of a crap day today - swollen ankles and a general feeling of blah so I had a PJ day. I think a nice shower is in order once I get the girls to bed.  :)

Went in for chemo this morning to be told it's cancelled because my neuts are borderline and they need my levels up for my bloods on thursday/1st brachy treatment on friday. That was supposed to be my last chemo session anyway, so that'll be it all done. Good.

Got my progress check MRI yesterday too, so should hear back from that soon.

Check list of treatment left;


Wed 12th - Radiotherapy

Thurs 13th - Bloods & radio

Fri 14th - Brachy rod insertion & first brachy treatment as a day patient.

Mon 17th - Last radio

Wed 19th/Thurs 20th - Overnight stay brachy treatment. (Not looking forward to lying around all day)


Hope everyone has been having more good days than bad. xx

Love & Hugs

Megsmaw xx


Almost there :-)

Look, you can count the days!

Go well



Had my 1st brachy yesterday. Everything went well and I'm feeling good today, not had any pain so far. It wasn't as bad as I expected, even the removal of the applicators. I was a wee bit bored but I ended up sleeping most of the day.

My Dr told me the results of my MRI - The cancer has responded really well to treatment and my she is very happy about it. :D
So, just 1 more radiotherapy and my overnight brachy left. Can't believe how quickly it's all went!


Love & Hugs

Megsmaw xx

Hi Megsmew,

Thank you so much for continuing to update us on your progress.

I am so pleased you have responded so well to treatment, you must be thrilled. The end is in sight now :slight_smile:

Lots of love, Mandy xxx

Hi Mandy,

Yes, I'm over the moon that it's responded so well and my Dr was ecstatic about my results too! All of the staff involved in my care have been lovely! I'm so happy that next week is my last week and I can concentrate on getting better and enjoying christmas.

Love & Hugs

Megsmaw xx


That's great! Congratulations!

Lots of love



Thank you Tivoli!  xxx