4 weeks completed ...

Hi lovely ladies,

I have completed my 4th week now, with 8 Radio, 1 Chemo, and 3 Brachy left before the finish line !!

It was the 11th of March when I visited my GP for  a smear check, and the 1st of April when I was diagnosed with CC. 

Still very nervous about the Brachy treatment, but trying to stay positive.


Best wishes and big hugs to you all xxxxxx

Well done Diane don't stress to much about the brachytherapy part I have done 2 now and am fine only 1 left to do on Tuesday woo hope all has been well with your treatment xx

Congratulations Diane :-)

I'm sure the brachy won't end up as fearsome as you think.

Be lucky :-)


Nearly at the finish line ladies. I too am scared about the brachy. Still have some way to gobas don't start treatment until the 29th. You lovely ladies have been reassuring for me with your weekly updates as I now feel that it won't be so bad. 

Thanks heaps.

Good luck for the last legs of your treatment.

Rachel x