All done with treatment!!

Hi ladies
I got finished with treatment yesterday,at last. I must admit the 34 hours laying flat was not nice,and I almost gave up at one point. My consultant told me last week after first brachy that my tumor was shrinking and he was very happy with progress so far. Yesterday he told me he was now very very pleased with progress, thats got to be good right? I feel a bit sore and sleepy today,and have a bum covered in blisters as the night nurse didnt roll and check myself and my room mate.
Thankyou again you wonderful ladies for keeping me going through this nightmare, love to you all xxx

Congratualations!!! It's a great feeling to be done. Try not to do much right away and rest. I'm so happy that you made it without too much trouble. 

Yeah! WOOT WOOT :)

Hurrah! Many congratulations! Give yourself a pat on the back and go out to celebrate as and when you feel up to it :-)

Be lucky :-)

Well done and I hope all is well xxx

Hello Brucegirl

I have a suspicion that "very very pleased" is a good sign. Well done, it must have been torturous lying on your back for so long but it's over Yay Jayne

Thanks everyone.  Is it normal to have a day like I did yesterday where I was not positive in the slightest? My nurse did say that emotions are all over the place the first few days after treatment is finished. I seem to have went from super happy to 'Oh jeez, what if' I know I should take what my consultant says as positive, and I know they cannot lie to us. Just one of those days I guess.

tracey xxx

Yeah well done you now rest rest rest. 

I felt exactly the same as you, quite low and not bery positive, that feeling soon passed so chin up it sounds like your doing great xx