I'm done!!!!

hi ladies


today I,had my last brachytherapy, and I can now say I am officially finished, I'm aitting here with a very well deserved beer feeling pretty strange!!!!! 28 radio, 5 chemo and 3 brachytherapy and I'm done woo hoooooooooooooooooooooo

It's a pretty good feeling isn't it? I finished my treatment a week ago and aside for a few moments of being scared of what's to come and feeling a little hard done by by it all I feel fab. 

Well done :-) xx


yeah it is an amazing feeling, even though I'm still bit woozy from sedatives lol, plus the beer I just had! Also I had an MRI last week which showed it had shrunk by over half, that blew my mind!!!!!!!! Very impressed with that too,.so here's to hoping the brachytherapy has blown it out of the park lol thanks for reading x

Congratulations both of you :-) Next thing you'll know you start missing everyone at the hospital ;-)

Be lucky :-)

Funny you should say that Tivoli cause I kind of do in a odd kind of way. The girls that did my radiotherapy every day were lovely and provided numerous laughs!! 


Hi Tracy,

Great news & good to hear you are celebrating with a well earned beer.  I finished my treatment last Wednesday, and am now playing the waiting game for the results, just like Rachh and I, It's a good feeling to know you've got through it all. 

Stay well & positive, 

Feisty xx

Congrats to you both! Reading positive stories and seeing it's okay, makes whats coming a little less scary x 

book a fab holiday! 

Congrats to you both! Reading positive stories and seeing it's okay, makes whats coming a little less scary x 

book a fab holiday! 

Thanks ladies

feisty and rach, it's great ain't it :) feels strange at the moment, became quite a way of life I think 

i am now awaiting the onset of menopause, not sure what to expect and when, so if anyone has any tips, clues, anything to give me I'd appreciate it


thanks in advance 

Hi Tracy :-)

When you get your first hot flush you'll know all about it. The trick is to dress in several very thin layers which can be thrown off and back on again in the twinkling of an eye. If you ever wondered what middle-aged ladies and twin-sets were all about you're about to find out :-) It's not so bad really, but takes a bit of getting used to. Easy for me to say I suppose, I thiink it may have taken a couple of years before I could deal with hot flushes and night sweats with just a shrug. It's not a bundle of laughs but you will get a lot of understanding and sympathy from other women in the same boat.

I have a friend (male, naturally) who had prostate cancer (now cured :-) and his treatment caused him to suffer hot flushes. Not something that many men ever get to try first-hand and naturally there were no male shoulders for him to have a cry on, so count yourself lucky that you are in good company :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tracey

Hope you are relaxing and have some nice things booked in. 

Well done bet it's a nice feeling xxxx

Great news Tracey! I was stage 2b and had exactly the same treatment as you last year. I finished my treatment in November 2014, started getting hot flushes in December but have only recently gone on to HRT patches, so all I can say is they are manageable, it's the mood swings I struggled with! Hope all goes well for you, hopefully as the weather gets colder you won't suffer too badly. 


fyi i had a MRI in January 2015 and they found no cancer cells!! I too was amazed when my onc informed me before my first brachy that the cancer had shrunk and was responding well - mind truley and utterly blown when I got the MRI results! Just waiting on my second 3 month appt since then, feeling great so fingers crossed I'm still all good. There's light at the end of the tunnel! :) 


leah xx 

Thank,you so much for the replies, it helps. So looking forward to this menopause thingamajig lol. Another question if I may. So I finished treatment last week, which ended with three shots of brachytherapy, I have been unable to sleep all week, nodding off around 3-4am, really driving me crazy, with restless legs thrown into the equation too! Also I keep leaking, only a tiny bit, but every now and then I feel a drop of wee, sorry, come out! Is this normal, tried to call my cancer nurse, but she's off till Tuesday, and it's not of very high importance, I can speak with her on Tuesday, but just wondered if anyone else had theses issues


again, thanks for reading ladies, and thanks for great advice 


p.s leafy, loved reading your post xxx

Straight after brachy I had a little bit of leakage, and as soon as I needed to go to the toilet, I needed to there and then - couldn't hold it in. this eventually stopped now and the only thing I really suffer with is a bit of wind (so dignified!!) didn't suffer with sleep at all, but could be because there's so much going on and may take a while for your mind to switch off and allow you a peaceful sleep. 


Around May time I got quite upset, it Was like it suddenly hit me - I'd been so focused and battled through the treatment, then as life, thankfully, got back to normal it just hit me what he happened and I was pretty pissed off that I was having menopause symptoms. I had some time of work to rest and slow down and stop rushing about like I was wonder woman, so if you start getting anxious, it's completely natural. It was in between appointments and I just got scared again, it was like I was out on my own and every twinge I thought it muSt be back! Still have days like this but it gets easier :) xx