Mixed emotions!

Hi ladies hope everyone is doing ok. Well I finished my last brachytherapy yesterday so treatment has officially finished! I'm not quite sure how I feel about it all now dont get me wrong am happy it's all done with but I feel strange now haven't to wait for 6 weeks till I see a dr again! Did anyone else feel this way? Maybe am jus feeling anxious I don't no am a mixture of all emotions! Maybe the change is setting in already! Can anyone tell me what the 6 week check entails off? anyway thanks ladies for listening just needed to get it off my chest. 

Take care



Hi Dominque,

Glad your treatment is all done :-)

Yes it's normal the way you are feeling.It will pass in time

I'm sure.Each check up you have away from your treatment will

be a worry,thats standard.No point in saying don't worry,we all do.

The first check up is just to see how you are getting on,any symptoms

concerns etc.Make a list of any worries,it helps me.I have just written

a very long letter to take with me tomorrow.I will let you know how that

goes down LOL!!

It's a bumpy ride we are all on Dominique,but if you need to know anything

I will try and help,if not somebody will have the answers.When the treatment

stops is the hardest time,#head games r us#LOL!

All the best honey,hang on in there

Becky xx

Thank you becky hope tomorrow goes ok for you to hun xx

Hi Dominique86

Pleased you're treatment is finished, i felt quite anxious after mine to, my 6 week check was just a pelvic examination & internal

Mandy xx

Thank you Mandy, and thanks for the reply xx

Hi Dominique

I can only agree with the others...... you are experiencing feelings that many of us went through.   It's a good time to concentrate on you and gradually (at your own pace) get back to your own 'normal'.  

My first check was at 4 weeks and was a an internal check.... then I had another mri so they could plan my op.

Take care


Thank you Tracey. Xx