Finish treatment

Hi ladies 

I have two more days of radiation and i will be done. In a way i will be glad and in some ways i am scared. I worry about the after, i worry alot about recurrence and all the after effects of all the treatment. I never thought i would be able to do all this but i have and want  to say to all the ladies u can do this. Dont give up:-)

Congratulations!!! You made it. :)

I had a hard time after treatment finished as I felt left in limbo... try to stay active as much as possible and get fresh air daily. 

Every week that passed after treatment I had more and more energy but it does take awhile. Stay positive and try to keep your mind busy so you don't think too much. 

I'm so very proud of you!  

I agree  with lolli im now  8 weeks  post  treatment  starting  to get  more  energy  finally  but my bloods were  extremely  low after  treatment i was  nearly addmitted into  hospital  after  my last  brachy but  they  r slowly  increasing  n im sleeping  less in  the  day  everything  just takes  time  but reaching  end of treatment is a big  milestone in  ur journey  xx

Hey Mmouse :-)

It is a little scary facing life without daily hospital visits, it's a bit like taking the stabiliser wheels off your bicycle for the first time. A little bit wobbly but you'll soon see you can ride it all by yourself :-)

Be lucky :-)


Just want to say thank u to all the ladies for all help while having all my treatment.  Today was my final day of treatment and feel a little acares but i know now it is just wait and c and pray everyrhing will be ok. Good luck to all and u r in my prayers. :-)

That's fantastic news mmouse that u finished treatment, now plenty of positive mental attitude an prayers, u got this 

Dawn x

Congrats Mmouse, Ive been following how you've got on as I'm on same journey of facing chemorad after hysterectomy. I start next week. Keep us posted that things stay well for you :-) 

Hi lizzyb

I also have been following your post. So u have decided on having the chemo and radiation. Just wanted to let u know that it is not that bad. I hope that everything goes well for u. Good luck and u r in my prayers. :-)