I have finally finished my treatment today!! It feels like it’s taken a lifetime.
I’ve had 5 chemo
28 Radio
1 brachy!
10 more targeted booster radio
Also 2 blood transfusions!

The three month wait begins!!

Thank you to all the ladies who have shared words of wisdom and words of support you are all stars


Hi, well done, im going to be starting mine in a few weeks i might be perstering you for advice at some point.... Hope you are feeling ok and will keep everything crossed your results are all positive news :)

Sarah xx 

You pester away!! 

Im feeling good a little tired but not too bad xx

Yay x 


Well done for getting through!! xx

Make sure you rest up now & give your body time to heal. 3 month wait is a bit patience testing but keep mentally active and do 'nice' things to pass the time.

So pleased you are on the other side of treatment 

Take care XX

Hi Loz tis is fantastic news I am so pleased for you. You have had some highs and some lows but you did it you are an Inspiration.Thank you for sharing with us it has been so helpful to me trailing a bit behind you lol I wish you a full recovery and hope the next 3 months fly by until you get great news. Lots of love xx

Hi Loz, glad to hear its all finished! Wish you a full recovery and all the best for the coming days. Sending you lots of hugs. xxx


Thats excellent news :-)

Have followed you throughout your journey and you've been so strong and brave, a real inspiration to us all on this hamster wheel....I'm trudging on in my second week!

Can empathise now with the blood transfusion bit...was 12 hours on Monday due to chemo radio then bloods :-(  Oh well, like you said in your early days...cant get over it, cant get round I'll blimming well fight like a machine and go righ through it!!!

All the best to you in the waiting days which I can only assume will be quite strange given the routine you have been in and the unknown. Let us all know how you're getting on - we're all routing for you.


Lots of love xx

Well done great news was worried because hadn't heard much from u lately thought u had hit a brick wall my first treatment started on Monday your text have been brilliant good luck and have a great long life and again thanks for the inspiration 

Brilliant news xxx

Thanks for all the kind words!!

it feels very strange to not be at hospital Every day. I don't quite know what to do with myself. Having a little tidy up and doing baking! 

Im goinf back to work on Monday so I feel good about that. Xx