Treatment finished at last !

Hello again lovely ladies,

I can't believe my treatment is complete at last - Whoopee, I am so relieved. I have just had my 3rd Brachy session for my 2B CC,, Good luck to all the new ladies on this site, and I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding my diagnosis and treatment. 3 1/2 months ago I was a total mess, and my world was falling apart, but with support from some wonderfull people on this site, and a fantastic NHS medical team, I now feel back in control, and much more positive. I am sure that those of you who have recently been diagnosed will feel just the same after your treatment.

Best wishes and Big Hugs to you all xxxxx

Well done, it's certainly a great feeling when treatment is all over.  Hope all goes well for you.

Best wishes x

Fabulous news!! 

Must be a lovely feeling - enjoy!!! Xxxxxx

Ah Diane what a great post!

I'm about to start 5 1/2 weeks of radiotherapy,  5 chemo and then 3 brachytherapy. So glad to hear a positive story!

Do you have any hints or tips for getting through treatment? 


Yay! Go you. Fab news xx

Hi Sweetpea,

once you begin your treatment, you will meet the brilliant Treatment Team who fully understand what you are going through, and will go overboard to make you feel at ease and reassure you. You will also meet other lovely ladies who are starting, or are part way through their treatment, and you will support each other along the way.

I call them my Chemo Buddies and we stay in touch, I am sure you will too.

One thing is for sure, it will not be no where near as traumatic or bad as you fear, and a top tip is to keep drinking lots of water, it really helps.

Good luck and best wishes xxx

Whoop woop Diane been thinking about you hope the last part of your treatment has gone well sending you a cuddle x

Way Hay Diane :-)

You are now being carried round the stadium at shoulder height with crowds standing, cheering and waving
(in case you hadn't noticed ;-)

Be lucky :-)


Thanks Diane x

YAY!!!! You kicked cancers bum!! Xxx

Brilliant...well done.....i start my 3 internal treatments next week and im rather nervous of what to expect? Any advice? Leeanne x

Glad to hear you've come through the other side Diane,  and hope all continues to go well for you.

I start my treatment of 5 Chemo, 25 Radiotherapy & 3 Brachy on Tuesday, not quite sure what to expect, but feel positive, so I guess that helps,

May you go from strength to strength now xx

Thanks a million for all your replies, you are like one big lovely extended family !

Hi Leeanne, you will find the first session to be a bit longer as they have to carry out the scans to correctly position the tubes, but it is not as bad as you expect. The 2nd and 3rd sessions are a lot quicker, and before you know it you are having your tea and sandwich in recovery !

Good luck, best wishes, and Big Hugs to you all xxx

Hi ladies I am new to the site and also 2B with EUA on Monday and.then planning then chemo radio likely to start around 20th July by my reckoning. Also brachy at the end so keen to hear how this goes Leeane.  My centre has a holistic centre where you can get referred for reflexology etc so am planning to take this up! Does anyone know anything else we can do - I am on a major healthy get fit drive and doing loads of exercise and really healt diet to be as fit as poss before treatment. Diane your story really reassu8ring can we do anything else? Feel very overwhelmed a lot and intermittent breaking down in tears xx love to you all so glad to find this site xxx

Hi Diane 

firstly well done on kicking butt! I start my treatment on Monday, 25 radio, 5 chemo, and 3 brachytherapy, I would love to hear of any tips, also would love to know how you felt when it first started, did you feel normal for the first week, or did side effects start quite late. 

Thanks for reading, and a big fat well done to you xx

Fantastic news! Some big celebration times to come xx

Hi Hannah,

the best advice I can offer is as has been mentioned before, and that is to listen to your body, try and relax as much as possible (mentally and physically) and to drink loads of water throughout your treatment.

Hi Tracy,

the sickness I experienced during the first week was mainly due to the Chemo, but the anti-sickness pills sorted that out. The next issue was around week three when the Radio Therapy started to affect my bowel, and I was back and forth to the loo ! Make sure that you tell the Medical staff of any issues along the way, and they will help you with medication.

I can assure you both that the treatment will not be as bad as you fear, and before you know it, like me, your tears will turn to big smiles once again.

Good luck, best wishes, and Big Hugs xxxx

Diane, thank you so much for taking the time to reply,,it means a lot xx hope you are doing ok xx