6 weeks completed -almost there !!

Hi lovely Ladies,

I can't believe I have almost finished my treatment - only one Brachy left next Thursday !!!

This week has been exhausting, as I had a 5 hour blood transfusion on Monday plus Rads, Rads and blood tests on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Brachy on Thursday and today. So far as you may know, I have been a total emotional mess at times, but today now I can see the last hurdle, I actually feel uplifted and more positive.  Just to reassure any newcomers  to this sight,  if I can get through all this and still raise a little smile, you all can !!

Thank you all again for propping me up and encouraging me along the way, I honestly don't know how I would have coped without your support.

I wish you all the very best of everything, Big Hugs to you all xxxx

The end is near!  I just finished my treatment today, and it's still a little surreal... hugs :)


Ra! Ra! Ra! Diane :-D

Almost time for that shoulder-high lap of honour!

Very well done :-)



Hi Diane and Niki,

Fab that you are almost there Diane and completed Niki. I start on the same journey a week tomorrow. Am looking forward to getting started on the road to recovery but am apprehensive with what to expect. I've found you weekly updates helpful so thank you.

Rachel x

Thanks Niki, & Tivoli, and good luck Rachel, we will all be here supporting you all the way.

Best wishes and Big Hugs xxx