4th week done

I'm happy to report that my 4th week of chemo and radiation are done, and I'm still feeling great!  The weekend brings a little discomfort to my bowels, but it's not too bad.

I had my weekly appointment with my doctor earlier this week, and my tumor has shrunk by 70%.  Tomorrow starts my last full week of chemo and radiation, then the following week I'll have one more chemo session (6 is optimal apparently), one more external radiation session, then it's on to brachytherapy.

I'm counting down the weeks :)




Hi Niki well done you for getting through your 4th week, I am just starting my second so it's encouraging to read you are feeling great.  Stay positive for the rest and lets hope we can all beat this monster.

Good luck and again well done

Congratulations Niki :-)

You're sounding great!

Be lucky


Am on my 4 wk of treatment and also feeling great just a bit nerves about the breachy part x

Hi cvs,

I'm also nervous about the brachytherapy... I have my weekly appointment with my doc tomorrow to talk about it in depth again.

Here's to hoping it goes smoothly for all of us :)


4 weeks already? Time's just whizzing along!

Be lucky :-)