My biopsy results!!

Hi all,

After an agonising 2 weeks I've received my punch biopsy results... The relief is unreal and I can now move forward. 

So due to the 'severe' results from my smear I feared to have CIN 3 or early stage and my anxiety was sky high. The results are CIN 1 & CIN 2 and the HPV strain is 16 which I'm gutted about but hey ho at least I'm under the radar now. I can't believe how silly I was not going to my last smear! I will be encouraging alot of my friends to get checked out! 

Good luck to everyone and if any1 would like a chat I'm always around x

Awh that’s brilliant news to hear :D I’m on the second week of waiting for my results! Can’t keep off google! But your results have given me hope <3

Hi Lottiebib,

Thank you! I feel your agonising fear and heartache. I was a total mess thinking the worst and reading up on every little detail on Google and I know people say don't read! But it's hard to keep away from it...! I kept chasing up the hospital eagerly awaiting the results. I will most likely still have the LLETZ and to be honest I want it to be on the safe side. 

I really really wish you all the luck in the world.... Good luck and keep us updated x

That's great news.  I went to my family doctor and he ordered a CBC, which showed I am anemic and he asked do I have heavy periods and I said yes, and I have fibroids he said thats probably it...I thought probably that and the fact I am a 50 year old woman and thinking perimenopause...So he referred me to a gynocologist and on my first visit, before she even started to look, she told me she is giving me a pap test, a pelvic test and biopsy on the uterus...I asked why the biopsy because I was expecting a pelvic as my doctor ordered this, and she said because your 50 just precautions..>She asked me have you had your ultrasounds yet (my doctor ordered a transvaginal and pelvic but I assumed it would be done that day seeing her so my mistake there)...So before she examined me she said come back in 3 weeks for the results...Through the examination  she asks do I bleed after sex (my mind starts thinking why she asking that is there something she saw to say that)...I bled after the test performed and I asked is this normal, and  she said yes but you are bleeding more then expected so I start getting even more scared...A little bit of background about myself, I lost a mother to cervical cancer so I am fearful of this for myself...So now after all is done, I go to make an appointment with her for 3 weeks as she had request _as she already knew I hadn't received the ultrasounds) _and the receptionist says "oh you have to have your ultrasounds first" ( I must mention that the receptionists told me before I saw her that I should have had that done before seeing this doctor) so this is why I think instead of booking me in with the doctor they booked me for the ultrasounds because the doctor would have stated get your ultrasounds done and then come see me three weeks after that...So my ultrasounds were scheduled for 3 weeks on December 18th (funny how they scheduled me 3 weeks when I said oh book me for 3 weeks to come back to her)...I believe it was a mistake on their part to book me for an appointment in 3 weeks for the ultrasounds instead of her...I received a call on December 17th by the receptionists with an appointment for a colopscopy-biopsy...I said what for, she said extreme high abnormal cells (with no other mention of what type or anything in that nature)...She give me the appointment, and the time but failed to tell me which hospital and which floor as she did mention it would be done at the hospital...So I asked her what is this test, get this, she tells me here is the spelling look up on the internet...So now I am scared shitless as you can imagine with yourself...So next day after not sleeping much, I go for my ultrasounds (which is also how I found out what hospital and what floor). Now I am already petrified because I know nothing the sonogramists ask me during it "you don't have to answer this but have you had any abnormalities during your last ultrasounds" and I said why what do you see...She said "you don't have to answer that" so I said I have fibroids and a cyst and she said "on the left side" and I said "no on hte right" so after a little calming down and a few days later I am guessing that is why she asked that, but still, you can imagine what that did for a person who is already scared...So after that I go to the receptionists and say "should I book an appointment to see the doctor for my results" and she states "oh, we'll call you if its anything" I thought to myself yeah that call will scare me more if its coming from the receptionists...So now we're on Jan 8 3 weeks ago since I had the transvaginal and 3 days away from having the colopscopy and still no call from the doctor...Do I think its good news?  Not really because it makes me wonder if the staff there is so incompetitant with not making an appointment with her (Like she requested) that maybe she is thinking I just won't go in to see her...This is my first time with her so she doesn't know me...I thought the whole point of doctors not telling you things is so you don't get worried...Well with the incompetitant staff relaying information they are not suppose too is more scarier but hey, you shouldn't be worried right? but yet they give little hints to scare you. I must also mention that during the ultrasounds the sonogramists asked if she could opent he door as she was hot...Like yeah lady, I am exposed here but go ahead ( I never said that our loud as my mind was more scared then anything) Since all this, I haven't been able to sleep, suffering panic attacks, and crying constantly because nobody will tell me nothing...Sorry if this is long but I want to thank you for your information...I have been reading up on this site for a few weeks now to find out information  and hear others stories to calm me down a bit and today I decided to comment because being the last week now before I have the colop-biopsy the anxiety in me is extremely high right now...I do suffer from anxiety and it gets me sick so I needed to read things positive because at this point, I won't make it another 3 days...I will end up  in the hospital being sick or stress related, but hey, the hospital tells you not to worry right?  I think they need to get more professionals working because it is themt that are worrying us...I know it must sound stupid but having lost a mother and watching a mother suffer and die of cervical cancer is weighing on my mind now, and more so now that I am getting checked out for that. 

Hi Heavensnewangel,

Sorry that I've only just replied and I'm gutted because you won't see this now until after the colposcopy! I really hope the last 3 days has gone quickly for you but yes I know how agonising it is in the waiting game it's awful! So sorry to hear about your late mother and I can see this has frightened you alot more, my doctor advised me cervical isn't hereditary apparently. I don't have any1 in my family with what has going/gone through because mine is due to the HPV infection. 

The doctors communication back n forth with the hospital isn't very good hence why I always chase up everything and of course my anxiety drives me to do it also lol. But apart from that they're very good with the procedures. I've not been in a situation whereas they've compromised on your privacy and so that should definitely be highlighted when u go next. 

As I write this it's the eve of your colposcopy appointment and I hope it goes better for you at the hospital this time.  Good luck for tomorrow and fingers crossed that when your results do arrive that it's not as bad as you thought. When you feel like crying just let it all out. It helped me even though I felt I was being too dramatic but it's still a scary thought. Let us know how it went on. Hugs x

Thank you so much for your reply...It helps knowing you have the support and to hear others stories to know we aren't alone...I never came to this site until I was sent for a colposcopy due to my abnormal cells and it has helped me a quite a lot because my mind went straight to cancer and it increased my anxiety.

I did go for the colposcopy and biopsy...The nurse explained everything to me (she was great)TThe whole procedure and even told my doctor explain everything to her because she is gyno doctor is very vague with details so only thing I have against her...This is only my second time seeing the first time for abnormal bleeding and thats what prompted all these other test because of my low blood count and fibroids.

So after the test, I asked her what type of abnormal cells she said we'll wait for the biopsy results as she doesn't know yet...She told me to see her in 3 to 4 weeks to call for an appointment...I did mention to her I heard nothing and been trying to get an appointment as she requested to talk about any of my results, she stated she likes to wait until everything came in and then she'll go from there.  That makes sense because when she told me come back in 3 weeks that is before any tests were performed. 

I started going to her on November 25 and my next appointment to get my results is the end of February, so it kinda gives me a little hope about the time span because she already has my biopsy results from the uterus, the ultrasounds and if anything showed on that I know I would have heard by now something if anything showed the big C because they don't make you wait for that...My mom when she had cancer her treatment and seeing doctors was fast...When she went for a cat scan for a hernia the doctor called and said they saw changes and this was on a Friday and by Monday they made an appointment with a Gyno doctor...She started treatment right away...They only did a pelvic because it was visibly shown so they knew...My mother ignored her bleeding and the symptoms..

My doctor is very vague with information she gives, but I do find her a great doctor as I find she is very thorough. Maybe she is the type of doctor to not wanting to alarm anyone so says nothing until she has all results to know what type of treatment to give...This appointment, I was more at ease starting with the nurse and then my doctor explaining she doesn't give results until everything is in. My doctor is very quick too likes to leave fast which is another thing I don't like cuz you feel you can't ask questions. 

Hi Heavensnewangel,

Hopefully this is better news for you as you're aware of what had happened before going through it with your mum. I've still not seen my Doctor or heard from her at all which I'm gutted about because I'm still waiting to find out when I should have this LLETZ. I only got the results because I got hold of my Doctors secretary. The waiting game is awful as you're aware. I can tell you're still hurting bless you. I really hope it's good news for you and I'm routing for you, 

Hugs x

Thank you very much appreciate the support...I am rooting for you as well...It's good to know we got this site and get lots of support. It helps a great day. 

Hi Heavensnewangel,


Yes it's definitely comforting to hear and chat about the same kind of scary things that we're going through.