MRI Results Appt

Hi Ladies

Just the latest update from me.  Had a call today to see another consultant this Friday to be told my MRI results etc.  I asked his secretary if it was likely I would still be having my op on the 24th and she just said that it looked pretty full already and he did like to discuss everything with the patient first before anything is booked in.

So I guess that is looking pretty unlikely now.  Not that I'm in a rush for an op but had got myself psyched up for that date when the first consultant indicated it could be then.

The good news is that this new consultant is said to be a top man which gives me a lot of reassurance.  Unfortunately (for me!) he has been on holiday the last 2 weeks and only returned yesterday.  Sounds like he is in demand!

I know it probably sounds daft but now I'm imagining the MRI results are worse than what they originally thought (1b1) and the extra waiting is getting me stewed up again.  Just wish time would go a bit quicker but I'm guessing it's dragging for all of us prior to appointments and treatment.


Oh matey, This is what you feared would happen.

I do wish drs wouldn't say anything unless they are absolutely sure as false hope can be so upsetting. Yes, the waiting game is back on for you but at least you know you will be in good hands! Also it will be great for you to get MRI results back as that will clear your mind of some worry if they confirm 1b1. I had phone call yesterday re my MRI just to confirm the team had looked at it properly and it was all fine. (Yes, consultant had said this last week but he saw me before they had looked at them in detail as MRI was just a few hours before in another hospital).

So good luck for Friday!! Hopefully it will be all confirmed and op in the diary at that meeting.

Keep waiting... Don x

Many thanks Don, you are such a great support.  So pleased you had that phone call yesterday and that everything was fine.

At least this time next week you will be on the road to recovery, hopefully I won't be too long after!

Will post on Friday with what the consultant tells me.


I’ve got my fingers crossed for a clear MRI Cheryl! I’m sure it will be :slight_smile:
And that your op isn’t too far away.

Take care and keep strong! This is the hardest bit! xx

Many thanks Em.  You're right - that is the hardest bit!xx

Good luck for Friday - keep us updated x