MRI results

Hi everyone, I hope your as well as you can be!

I just need a bit of advice really, I was diagnosed with Stage 1a1 in June, I have had to have 2 LLETZ procedures done as CGIN was present as well as cancer, I was given the all clear in July but at the appointment I was told I would need an MRI scan. I dont understand why I was given the all clear and then in the next breath told I need an MRI, surely I shouldnt have been given the all clear until after the MRI??? I am so grateful for the good news but im also paniking too

Anyway I have just come back from having my MRI and I asked the lady when I would have my results, her reply was "they will be ready by tomorrow, so you will get them by Monday" WHAT????? This seems really quick, do you think she saw something??? Im so frightened, I was expecting them back in about two weeks, not two days :(

Anyine else has a similar experience, I feel so ill now :(

Love to all of you

Jodie xxxx

Hi Jodie,

I really wouldn't worry if I were you, I think it simply means that there wasn't a backlog and your scan got looked at straight away. It wouldn't make any sense would it if they were to give you the results quickly because they saw something but held onto them if they didn't. Where I live (Greece) we get all results within 24 hours, blood, CT, anything, and if you press them you can get those results the same day. I have no intention of knocking the NHS in Britain but I really do not understand why you all have to wait two or more weeks for results. If they have enough staff to look at all the examinations then why is there this dreadful backlog? Waiting for results must be agony!

Anyway, you should be getting your results today so I'm sure we would all like to hear how you got on.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for your reply....the waiting is hell :(

Well I havent had a call today regarding my results, so much of me wanted to phone but im so stupid and wimped out :(

Maybe I will get a call tomorrow, if I havent had a call tomorrow then I will phone and chase them Wednesday!!! Im so blooming frightened, just as we all are!!

Thank you again

Jodie xxxx

Hi Jodie

I have everything crossed for positive results!