MRI Scan Today

Had my MRI scan today, it was a very challenging experience and I was very emotional when it was over.  There were 2 radiographers and a nurse who settled me onto the bed and stuff.  On the way out the nurse said "The results will be with your referring doctor in a few days time", I said "My appointment with my consultant isn't till 2nd October", to which she came back with "If they need to see you earlier, I'm sure they'll let you know".  That comment has now got me thinking the worst, my friend said I am sure it's just a standard line they give as she it not supposed tell you anything.  It's just my head is now all over the shop.

Sorry to hear you've had a tough day Laura.

Big hugs for you.

Iv come to realise we all seem to spend all of our time waiting and torturing ourselves while results are looked at.

I hope you have your results sooner rather than later.

Pester if you have to!

Will be thinking of you.



Hi Laura

Can understand how you must feel but please try not to worry too much as it is just a standard thing they say.  I tried hinting to find out what the results were but your friend is right, they are not allowed to indicate one way or the other so she really woudn't have meant anything bad by that. The consultant has to wait for a written report from the radiographer which isn't an instant thing.

I had my MRI done on 9th September and am seeing the consultant tomorrow to get my results etc so that's a similar period of waiting.

Just a comparison, I had an ultrasound done last month for a cyst on my ovary (it's been an eventful time lately!) and I asked the person scanning if she could see it.  She replied 'oh yes, I can see it' in that kind of voice that made me think that it was something awful.  The results were that it was ok, non malignant and nothing to worry about. 

Think we all read negatively into things that are said to us, it's a very emotional time especially having just gone through your MRI which isn't easy for most of us.

Hang in there, you'll feel a bit better when you have recovered from the emotions of the MRI.  Sending you positive thoughts & hugs.


Hi Laurab37,

This sounds very insensitive and I can 100% relate to your fears. I am being paranoid every time my phone rings with a blocked number as in most cases its some bad news from the hospital. It’s their job and standard procedures, I guess some of them do not realise how sensitive patients can be to such remarks. Being in our shoes, it is expected to be a bit paranoid - very scary times. But please try to stay positive as much as you can. The waiting time is killing... I have my CT and MRI scans tomorrow and I am sure I will shake like crazy and try to read doctors as you did. But I also know that my results will not be clear till later next week (only 7 days as some people might say)... but these 7 days feel like 7 years ... let’s be strong together xxx

Jelena xx


Try not to panic. To those of us who were not with you, it sounds very much like a standard line but, obviously, to you it sounds extremely ominous...

The waiting in the worst bit, your mind will play all kinds of tricks on you and you will read into things thwart are just not there. By the time you talk to anyone about your results, you will have convinced yourself you are riddled with cancer and going to die. This is perfectly normal. TRY not to wind yourself up TOO much (it is a waste of time say don't worry because there is no way you won't), use that winding up time to look at a few past posts on here to make you realise you are not alone. The old jos trust forum link is pretty good too if you can't sleep!!

Good luck matey x


I was told that the mri pictures have to be looked at by a specialist who knows exactly what the pictures indicate therefore the people who actually do the scans do not understand them anyway.


hope this helps


I had my MRI on a Friday and was told the results would be ready on the Monday, but the hospital didn't have their MDT meeting to discuss my results until the Wednesday, so it was very frustrating knowing that the results were ready but they weren't even going to LOOK at them til 2 days later!!

Then, on the Wednesday afternoon my nurse specialist called me (it was 3.30 and I'd been sat by the phone ALL day) and told me very briefly that the good news was it was very early stages. That's all she told me.

Then I got a letter the following Monday for my meeting with a surgeon to discuss treatment, which wasn't for 3 weeks!! So it is very hard to judge the extent / seriousness of it compared with the waiting times etc, I think it's a case of they'll see you when they need to and you don't get a say in it! At least that's how it feels for me!

I think if I hadn't asked my nurse to contact me, I'd still be in the dark about my MRI results until my appointment with the surgeon.

So don't be afraid to pester them and ask questions!!