MRI yesterday! Any one have an idea on how long the results are?

Hi all,

I had my MRI scan yesterday, all went ok :-) to be honest though I wasn't scared about the actual scan I'm more terrified about hearing the results! However when I was there I did say to the technician, did he have an idea on how long they would take to get back to my Gyny doctor and he said it was practically within a few hours as they get read by their specialist who then sends them straight back over to the doctor who referred me for the scan in the first place. He then said if I called tomorrow (which is today) that he should be able to tell me. I decided today though that I was going to have a good day & that I would wait for them to call me, but I haven't had a call! i know it's only been a day but a day feels like a year! 

So I was just wondering how long other people have had to wait? I was diagnosed with CC 1b1 a week ago.

lots of hugs Sophia xxx

I'm not sure myself hunni as I have my MRI booked for the 11th

march but I would think he will get your results and take them to 

the next meeting to discuss your treatment plan 

my consultant mentioned the 18th which would be a week 

after x 



I was given the results of my MRI at an appointment with my consultant 11 days afterwards.  I believe the results are discussed at a MDT meeting where the case is discussed and a treatment plan is agreed before we are told.  This may vary from area to area.

The waiting is awful so try and keep your mind occupied with other things - easier said than done at times I know.

Good luck with the results.

Hugs, Cheryl, xx



I had to wait a week for the MDT discussion and then had an appointment with the concultant to discuss the results.

Hi  i waited 5 days then had an MDT meeting thn they had already sorted my treatment plan. Goodluck with your results and treatment. Lea x