Mix of CIN1,2 and 3

Hi all, I recently received a letter from my gyno saying that I have a mix of CIN1, 2 and 3 - I know that this is three grades of severity (low to severe) but I wonder if you would usually receive the actual histology report from the biopsies rather than just this summary in a letter.

My reason for asking is I’d like to know if possible how many of my biopsies returned as being each severity - 5 were taken, so it would be helpful for my own mental wellbeing to be able to assess “how bad” proportionally this is. I know I’m having a LLETZ (booked in for April) but if let’s say only 1/5 biopsies returned as CIN3 I’d probably feel a lot more confident that one LLETZ would clear it. I know that there are no certainties in this business, but I think that even if 3/5 returned as CIN3 this would help me mentally prepare for the likelihood of being investigated and treated further. If anyone else has any thoughts (or even if you’ve also just had a mix of severities) I’d love to hear from you, and thanks so much to everyone who has been so supportive and kind here, I massively appreciate it. Sending love to all of you going through this, it’s hideous.