CIN3 and background

Hi everyone,well I never thought I’d be on a cancer site looking for answers for myself. I received my letter from my consultant saying that I have the level of abnormality at the the slightly more severe end of the spectrum known as CIN3.I had a small biopsy taken on the 19th December 2023.All previous smears have been clear.Was due my 3 year smear in November 2023 but due to having an internal scan due to pain and bleeding during or after intercourse and intermittent spotting around regular non heavy periods they couldn’t do my smear because of cell disturbance during scan.
I’m in shock and stupidly worried and anxious.I have an appointment in the colposcopy clinic on Tuesday 9th Jan for lletz treatment and to do a more detailed assessment of the cervix.
Over the past 2 years I have been having increasing white blood cells and lymphocytes and suffering chronically with low l4 l5 back pain.
Am I overthinking in that the CIN3 is worse than they think?:cry:
I’m 46 and have 4 children,22,20,18 and 10.

Hello I’m sorry you are going through this. Please try to panic symptoms do not automatically mean you have anything worse than CIN3. If the biopsy showed CIN3 it’s extremely likely that’s the worst you have as they biopsy the worst looking areas.

It’s far more common for the LLETZ to show the same result as the biopsy than for it to show worse. X