Cin 3

I posted here a few days ago confused as to why i wasn't told during lletz about cin grade ( if you read my last post you'll see i wasn't told much at all ). I phoned the clinic today and was told it was cin 3. So now i'm just waiting on biopsy results that was done the same day as lletz and just have no idea what to expect. I've turned into a nervous wreck. Anyone had cin 3 on here and what was the outcome? X

Hi Tracy, I hope you get your results soon. I was just diagnosed with stage 1b2 cervical cance and they said I was Cin2, but that doesn’t necessiarily mean you do too. I’ve read about ppl with cin3 abd not cancer so I too am a bit confused about that grading scale. I just found out A week ago. Before that at my coloscopy visit those results just came back severely abnormal and 2 months later at my cone biopsy appt it came back cancer. Waiting on scans  .. next week 

Hi Tracey I had CIN3 this year in June, went for LLETZ in September and had another procedure (cone biopsy) last week.

Waiting for results!

I have been told anyway that most women are fine with just one LLETZ. 


all the best xx 


I'm similar to Mari. Hi Mari.

Original letter post smear said 'severe dyskaryosis', my biopsy said CIN 2 (I think). Had LLETZ under GA (~6months ago, there was a large surface area involved so it was recommended GA)  it had CIN 3 at the margins and completely excised CGIN. Was hoping to be discharged post check smears last week. However, there were areas that required more biopsies. So back to waiting. 

I've also been told most ladies are ok with one LLETZ, however, have a suspicion I am going to need a second (best case scenario). 

I'm sorry to hear you weren't given much (/any) information during your procedure. I think turning into a nervous wreck is normal, I'm think I am normally pretty level headed and, even though this is the second time round for me on all this, I am generally feeling impatient, annoyed, frustrated, a bit sick and like the rest of my life should just shut up/stop while I wait for my results. 

You're not alone. I hope at least that helps a little, although it also makes me annoyed that so many people have to go through this. 

Wishing you all the best,





I have had a similar experience to a couple of ladies on this thread. I had extensive cin3 found at coposcopy. A lletz under GA and I have another lletz sometime in january because the margins were not clear. 

I think its probably more normal for ladies to only have one lletz, but maybe those ones dont linger on the forum as much lol.



Thanks for your replies. It's good to know i'm not alone in stressing. Suppose it's just a waiting game now on biopsy results and hoping they got it all during the lletz i had. I'm actually quite angry now at how rushed it was and how i wasn't given any info prior to and during treatment. It wasn't until i read other peoples stories on here that i realised i should have been told a lot more than i was. Wishing all you ladies good luck and sending lots of hugs ❤x



I had a borderline smear 2 years ago, in March this year had one that came back as high grade severe dyskaryosis. Went for colposcopy and the consultant said it looked like CIN2 but given the smear result would perform LLETZ there and then. Post lletz biopsy came back as CIN3 but clear margins following the procedure and I’ve just had my 6 month test of cure smear which came back completely normal and HPV free. I completely convinced myself of the worst and actually burst into tears on the consultant when I went to first see him following the high grade smear, but my clear Smear this time just goes to show how effective the screening programme and LLETZ can be.

Aw that's great news. You must be so relieved. Your reply has made me feel a bit better about it so thankyou ❤ i'm usually really laid back and don't make a fuss when ill etc but this has shook me. But i think a lot of it's to do with how rushed and uninformed i was about the whole thing. Fingers crossed the lletz i had has removed everything. Best wishes and good health to you.x

Hi! This group is helping me so much with information!

I’m 25 and had result from my smear CIN3, read severe and fell apart. lletz done last Wednesday awaiting results! Having a complete breakdown spent the last 5days in tears and Fearing the worst! 

I’m not sure how long the result take to come back and whether the fact I had CIN3 means more likely to have cc or just generally the risk is the same regardless of grading? 

is it normal to feel this scared and emotional all the time even though I have no solid news yet? 


-abnormal smear results CIN3 21/11/18

-lletz & Biopsy 21/11/18

-awaiting results nervously!  


I'm the exact same so you're not alone in feeling this way. I'm terrified and in a daze. Lost interest in stuff because i can't stop worrying. I was told around 4 weeks for my biopsy results and am now in week 3. It's the waiting that is so frustrating. And trying to understand what it all means.  Hopefully we both get good news soon.x


Welcome to the worried & waiting group. It is horrible. I think scared and emotional is the default reaction for most of us, so please don't beat yourself up.

Re: CIN 3, I think the 3 refers to how dyskaryotic/abnormal the cells are. Although CIN 3 are not cancerous, out of 1/2/3 they have the highest potential to develop into cancer if left untreated. I don't think it necessarily means you are more likely to have cervical cancer now (or so I keep telling myself, I had CIN 3 + CGIN on my lletz tissue from May). 

Did they say how long your lletz/biopsy results would be? 

Had my last set of biopsies last Thursday (only 6days ago?!) and the waiting is horrible. 

Wishing you all my best. 




I'm getting annoyed at myself because of how much it's affecting me. I got told 4 weeks for results but could take up to 6 weeks. It's a long time to be worrying isn't it? I feel like it's taking over my life. Trying to keep busy and do the usual stuff with work, the kids etc but my mind is always on these results and possible outcomes. You try so hard to not think the worst and be positive but this has affected me in a way i never thought anything would. It's strange. Hope you're not waiting too long for results and it's good news ❤x

Phoned the clinic and got told they're really busy so could be another 4 weeks before i hear anything. The waiting is driving me mad but thinking positive in the fact that i've already had the lletz and that it could have removed all the cells already. Fingers crossed.x

Is this from tissue from the LLETZ on the 5th November? That's a really long time.

Fingers crossed they've got it all.


Yes they did a biopsy as well as lletz on 5th november. It's a long time to wait. Was told to phone back when it's been 6 weeks.x

Just double checked, my last one did take a month to come back. How I lasted a month last time I'll never know. 

How upsetting, at least you only have 2 weeks to go. But I feel your pain, it feels like eternity. It's difficult to focus on much else. 

Thinking of you all!


Jan 2015 Normal smear

March 2018 Severe dyskaryosis on smear ? microinvasion

April 2018 Colposcopy and biopsy (CIN 3)

May 2018 LLETZ (under GA) -> high grade CGIN (completely excised) + CIN 3 (at margins)

Nov 2018 Repeat colposcopy, endo+ectocervical smears & biopsy (pending)