CIN3 and Lletz tomorrow

Hi there,


a few weeks ago just a week after my smear I received a call from the hospital saying my smear showed high grade changes - had not even received the letter!! I did later that day. 

I was seen within five days ( longest 5 days of my life!) and had a colposcopy. The nurse was excellent and advised that it did look like CIN3. I would have had the Lletz there and then but I was due to go abroad for a few days Plus it was my 40th birthday so she said best to wait. She didn’t seem concerned about waiting and said although couldn’t guarantee until a biopsy is done that it looked straightforward up there. 

My LLETZ is tomorrow, im so scared of the procedure and also the outcome, im going on my own as husband is working and half term makes it tricky for friends to attend. 

as the days have led up I’m a nervous wreck. I’ve been on this site lots, although just lurking. First post but felt I needed to write this down. 


Thanks for reading if you got this far!


Em x

Hi Em 

It's understandable to be nervous, I was terrified of having my lletz done but the nurses were lovely and one of them held my hand throughout, it was manageable pain wise, the whole thing takes less than half an hour. Once done they make you a cuppa and then you're free to leave after about 20 mins.

I am having a 2nd one done this Friday but its being done under General this time, which i am even more terrified about because I've never had a general before, just want it over with now.

Best wishes for tomorrow please let us know how you get on x



Hi Em

Best wished for your LLETZ tomorrow you will be OK

I havent had lletz done under a local, I had mine done under general anaethetic last month. The whole experience was really positive for me and the waiting was worse than the actual procedure. The nurses were very reassuring, i had plenty of opportunity to ask questions and felt a lot less scared and worried than i expected.  I felt totally fine afterward and skipped down 4 flights of stairs at the hospital when i left.  But did feel absolutely exhausted when I got home. It might be good if you could get a lift home. 



Thank you so much for replying. It helps to get all those feelings out in the open. 

My appointment is at 10.30am tomorrow morning and I think a consultant is doing it. Horrendously nervous and then begins the wait for the biopsy results hey. 

That must be so nerve wracking for you! Will you be in and out within a day? looks like you have been on a Journey so far. Will be thinking of you. 


Em x

Thanks so much! That is so good to know. Like you said it’s goinf to be the next few weeks that will be the worst! Will need to keep myself very busy. 

I just don’t have anyone to come with me or drive but I figured ani can sit in the cafe for a bit afterwards before driving home. 



I hope once you read this your colposcopy has been done. I had mine in march and had a loop diathermy on the same day. It was uncomfortable but i would say ok. The nurse and Dr explained everything and were kind. I hope this is the same for you. Unfortunately my 6 month smear came back with abnormal cells so im going to have another colposcopy in November. Let us all know how you are doing. X

Hi grey78 ive been looking for someone who has been called back for another colposcopy. Maech i had my first loop diathermy to remove CIN3 and my follow up smear says abnormal cells so im goong back in November for another. Do you find all the terminology a bit baffling? What is the 1a1 stand for?  I actually work in a theatre and the theatre next to mine (im maternity and emergency) does colposcopys under GA and i can say they are all very respectful and hard working staff. I know i dont know where u r from but as a general rule i find gyne theatre staff very professional and kind people. I hope that is of some comfort to you. This friday im having a cardiac ablation on my heart so lets both keep our fingers crossed our procedures go well

Bex X

Hi Bex.

Thank you for the reassurance regarding the general. I am such a worrier but I am sure it will all be fine.

The 1a1 is the stage of my cervical cancer which was found in tissue removed during my lletz/leep. Luckily 1a1 is very early stages so my oncologist is confident that a 2nd lletz will get it all. I also have some CIN 3 precancer cells that are deeper in the cervix and need to be removed 


I hope everthing went ok for you this morning for your lletz treatment.


Hello all,

I have tried to place an update three times now and for some reason I keep getting chucked out. 

all went ok on wednesday. The doctor and nurse were amazing and everything was explained with absolute ease. 

The LLETZ was straightforward and I even got to see the abnormal cells on the screen! Fascinating stuff. The Doctor felt it was straightforward CIN3 and couldn't see anything that concerned her. As we know they can’t guarantee everything. 

I haven’t bled yet, had the weird clumpy discharge but no Blood. I do have a slightly crampy abdomen but the main thing is feeling a bit sick. I felt very dizzy and sick afterwards. 

so now the wait, approx 4 weeks, she said I have to allow for discussion at MDT as well. 

How are you all doing? Want to say a huge thank you for all the lovely words that got me through it when I had to attend on my own


Em ❤️


Hi Em

I'm glad it all went OK. And well done for going on your own. I had to be picked up and i was glad of the lift!

Its good that they said it was straightforward. When i had my biopsy I asked if they thought it looked as expected and they said yes - which was reassuring (and that was confirmed by the results).

As for recovery mine was pretty much 4 weeks to the day from the procedure. The bleeding got worse about day 10-11 but i think thats normal because it's when the scabs start to drop off (sorry gross). 



Glad to hear your LLETZ procedure went well and you're feeling ok 

I had mine on Friday, been feeling really odd all weekend I think it must be the effects of the general anaesthetic, also had some cramping but managing ok with painkillers x