Waiting lletz results

Hello I’m new to this so please will someone guide me.
Today I had lletz treatment as they have found cin 3 and g cin.
My doctor was totally in compassionate and so blunt and I feel he’s made me fear the worst! They said they will rush my results through within the week and cannot tell me how bad the results will be, or even if it is cancer.
Anyone else in this situation because I’m so worried x

Hi Hun sorry your going through this! I had my Lletz on Tuesday so in same position but I havent been told anything, I just know I have severe changes:/ hopefully we both have good news. Take care xx

I hope so too!! Thank you for replying. Hopefully someone might pop up and give us a bit more info on what we might expect. keep positive! xx

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I also had cin 2&3plus high grade CGIN I had my first LLETZ procedure at the end of March but due to having CGIN my results were reviewed at MDT netting mid  April Which is common practice as CGIN is more tricky to detect but is usually treated in the same way for CIN. I unfortunately did not get cLear margins with the CGIN as it is higher up in the cervix plus my consultant said my cervix is short ( the things toy find out about your cervix). So I was booked in for another LLETZ but this time under general anaesthetic just over a week ago. Now I am also waiting for the results and hoping that it is positive.

im sorry that you have not been given info at the time I also did not add any questions as it was all a bit if a whirl wind but what I did do was ring up the clinic and left a message to speak to a colposcopy nurse who was fantastic and hrlped put my mind at ease . I would recommend giving them a call.

i have to say the waiting is the most difficult part but you have to stay positive and view it that now we are in the system we will be treated accordingly. 

This site hasaksi been a great support with lots of women who share their experiences.

big hugs xx 

I agree this site has put my mind at rest slightly! Makes the best of a worse case scenario. Sending my love to you xxx